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Love your body: Welcome to Daysy

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4 — Table of Contents Page 6 to 8 I Precautions What you need to know. Page 9 to 21 I Operation How to use Daysy. Page 22 to 30 I Technical notes and warranty What else you need to know. About Daysy Daysy calculates a woman's daily menstrual cycle status by interpreting her basal body temperature. Daysy displays your menstrual cycle status using colored lights. Daysy is to be used to facilitate conception. Daysy is not a replacement for contraception, nor is it a medical thermometer. Included in delivery: - Daysy - Sensor cap - Micro USB cable - Instructions for Use - Quick Guide

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Precautions – Before using your Daysy for the first time, please read these instructions carefully and keep them in a safe place for later reference. – Before you start using your Daysy, you need to entirely discontinue hormonal methods of birth control. – Daysy may have difficulty recognizing your infertile days if you have an irregular menstrual cycle. – Daysy is not suitable for use shortly before the onset of menopause, if you are undergoing hormonal treatment, or if you are using hormonal methods of birth control. – Daysy should only be used by women whose cycle is between 19 and 40...

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– Do not stick sharp objects into your Daysy. – If your Daysy causes irritation to your skin, we recommend you stop using it immediately and contact our Customer Support as soon as possible. – All serious incidents associated with this product should be reported to the manufacturer and the relevant government authority responsible in the EU member state. – Your Daysy is intended for you alone. You should not share it with other women. If you do wish to pass it on to a friend, you will need to delete your data first. – Only give your Daysy to other persons complete with these instructions....

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Step 1: Charging and activating your Daysy 1. Connect your Daysy to the micro USB cable supplied in your package. 2. Connect the cable to a USB port. Make sure it is a 5V port that does not supply more than a 1A current. 3. Press briefly on the activation Button to see the charging status. Daysy will return to sleep mode after 60 seconds. 4. As your Daysy charges, the blue light on the activation ring will move from the bottom upward. All the blue lights will light up once the battery is fully charged. 5. Disconnect the cable from your Daysy. You can now begin using your Daysy. Measurement...

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Step 2: Measuring your temperature 1. Use your Daysy every morning before you get out of bed. To do so, remove the protective cap and briefly press the activation button once. Your predicted fertility status will be displayed. 2. Press the button a second time and the activation ring will flash in a clockwise direction. You can now take a measurement. 3. Place the sensor as far back as is comfortable under the right or left side of your tongue and then close your mouth. 4. “Beep-beep” means that the measurement phase has successfully completed.* 5. The confirmed fertility status displayed...

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Step 3: Entering your menstruation on your Daysy If the violet “Menstruation” light is flashing in the activation ring, it means that Daysy is asking you for your menstruation input. – Menstruating? “Yes”: Confirm you are menstruating by pressing the activation button until the violet light lights up without flashing and you hear a “beepbeep”. Confirm you are menstruating for each day of active bleeding and flow for a minimum of three consecutive days. – Menstruating? “No”: You do not have to do anything; the violet light keeps flashing. – You are menstruating, but Daysy is not showing the...

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Temperature and fertility: The course of your cycle Pre-ovulatory phase Post-ovulatory phase Important: How to you use your Daysy correctly – ake sure the first thing you do is take your temperature every morning before M you get out of bed. If you forget, and have already gotten out of bed, do not proceed to take your temperature. – If you are menstruating, enter this input accordingly. Fertile / Possibly Fertile Basal body temperature – The more regularly you take your temperature, the faster Daysy will get to know your cycle. – When you start using your Daysy, you will initially see a...

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Cleaning – Clean Daysy before and after every use – Use a damp cloth to carefully clean the sensor on your Daysy. You can also use a little alcohol or soap if you wish. Since your Daysy is not waterproof, make sure that only the neck on the sensor and not the whole appliance comes into contact with water. Battery – A single battery charge will last 1 to 2 months, depending on how often you use your Daysy. To indicate that the battery is nearly empty, the activation ring on your Daysy will flash at frequent intervals. Make sure you charge the battery within a week. With normal use, the...

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My Daysy ends the measurement with a “grumble-buzz” instead of a “beep-beep”. I won‘t need my Daysy in the next few months. What do I need to do? The measurement took too long, was interrupted, or was unsuccessful. Try following these tips: If you do not intend to use your Daysy for a long period, clean her, charge the battery fully, and store her in a cool, dry place. – As before, place the sensor as far back as is comfortable under the right or left side of your tongue. How does my Daysy communicate with me? – Close your mouth. – Do not remove the your Daysy from your mouth until you hear...

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Technical data Indications: Daysy is a menstrual cycle tracker used by women who have a regular 19 to 40-day cycle. Name and model: Daysy Power supply: Internal power source Contains FCC ID: WAP2001 IC: 7922A-2001 USB port: USB 2 Micro-B Compatibility iOS: Version 10.0 and higher Android: Google Android version 5.0 and higher Bluetooth ®: Version 4.0 and higher Dimensions: H/W/D 13/2.2 /4.8 cm Weight: 38 g EAN Code: 7 629999 05407 3 Technical Information You need a Bluetooth®-enabled smartphone or a tablet running iOS 10.0/ Android 5.0 or higher to be able to use the DaysyView app....

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