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LADY-COMP ®. YOUR ULTRA-PRECISE DAILY COMPANION. Thank you for choosing the natural option as your way of planning a family in the future. Please read these instructions carefully and completely, for your own safety. For comprehensive details about this device, refer to the Table of Contents or the Alphabetical Index. Should you have any more questions about a technical term or two, then go to our LADYpedia at for a comprehensive answer. Now you are ready to go!

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 3

• Cycle computer • Measuring sensor • 2 AAA rechargeable batteries/ batteries (optional) • Slipcase • Instruction manual • USB cable for reading out data • Battery charger (optional) Measuring sensor Sensor with cable Control button Display screen Sensor holder

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 4

9. Cycle & planning statistics

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 6

2. BEFORE YOU BEGIN Rechargeable batteries/batteries Before you start using the device, you will have to insert the batteries. 2 (AAA type) rechargeable  batteries are included with your LADYCOMP ® computer. You may also use normal AAA batteries that are available anywhere (1.5V). The two (AAA type) rechargeable  batteries must be charged for 12 hours before inserting them. The serial number of the device is written in the battery compartment. sensor 2. Open the device Screw the device open in counter-clockwise fashion. Insert the rechargeable  batteries/ batteries as required. Put the two...

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 7

Home screen You wiLL receive your cycle computer with the time, date and year, already pre-set. Control button / switch on Keep the controL button pressed untiL you see the time/date come up on screen. ALL menus can be accessed by pushing the control button A up/ down or ► rights left. To activate the menus and confirm inputs cLick the centre of the button. Back to home screen Keep the centre button pressed for 3 seconds to return to the time/date home screen. Automatic switch off The device wiLL completely switch off within 60 seconds if no button is pressed. The screen will then go dark...

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 8

© M P M s r~ The available menu Levels may vary depending on which LADY-COMP® model you use. LADY-COMP® baby

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 9

Press «Return»

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 10

Press «Return» Please note: Once your device has stored one measurement or more, you may set back the date by only one day. If you set the date back, no measurement can be recorded the next day. You can also set the date ahead by only one day. It is thus impossible to enter a false date. This enables you to correct the date when travelling to other time zones. Make sure, though, to skip the measurement on the travelling day. 4. ALARM Before you begin with your first measurement, you should set and activate the alarm. Please note: To enter any previous menstruation data, make sure you do...

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 11

Alarm on/off Good to know: An alarm indicator appears on the home screen once the alarm has been activated. Press «Return» Press «Return»

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 12

Menstruation data: If you have previously recorded your «M»- menstruation data, please enter them before your first measurement. Activate «M» as described Inputting «M» post hoc: If you have not taken a measurement for quite some time (e.g. because you forgot to) and you have meanwhile had your period, you may input «M» retrospectively. Please do this with care since erroneous inputs may only be corrected 3 days back. Start with the most remote menstruation date. Press «Return» M Please note: «M» input: check (?M) If your device has not received any measurement or «M» input for some time (4...

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 13

Our system ultimately relies on the daily measurement of your basal body temperature. The basal body temperature is the temperature you have immediately after waking up, i.e. before getting up and before being active in whatever form. The more regularly you measure your temperature - especially in the first months getting started - the quicker your device will become familiar with your personal cycle. Place the measuring sensor left or right under your tongue and close your mouth. The sensor should not be moved during the measurement process. Boy/girl indicator* Fertility indicator...

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 14

MEASURING YOUR TEMPERATURE Tips for measuring your temperature LADY-COMP ® will wake you up with a tone. To switch off the tone, click the control button. To measure your temperature, just press any button on the home screen. LADY-COMP ® will be ready to measure when the “Measurement” symbol starts to blink. – Now place the sensor under your tongue and close your mouth. – easurement will take approx. 60 seconds. If no measurement M value can be determined after 3 minutes, the measurement will be cancelled automatically. – The display shows measurement values from 34.5 to 41.0°C. – rom...

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 15

MEASURING YOUR TEMPERATURE As soon as LADY-COMP® knows everything about your cycle, the device will prompt you for «M» on days that «M» is expected. - The prompting for «M» («M» blinking) starts two days prior to «M». - Once «M» is over, LADY-COMP® wiLL stop prompting for «M». After measurement, you will possibly see «M» = menstruation blinking. - In case of «M» yes, confirm «M» with «up» yes. - In case of «M» no, reject «M» with «down» no. «M» input after measurement 36.20 10.08. «M» blinks when «M» is expected ^ «M» yes Please note: Confirm «M» on at Least three successive days. If you...

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LADY-COMP® Instruction For Use (IFU) - 16

MEASURING YOUR TEMPERATURE The device shows your measurement value and fertility for that day, If the device receives no input or receives information that cannot be these remain valid for 24 hours and are safe from day 1 onwards. evaluated, the number of «yellow» days will increase. The number of «green» days will increase slowly though systematically. «Red» days will be increasingly narrowed down. = not fertile = computer Learning phase = fertile «red» «yellow» «green» «red» «yellow» blinking «green» on constantly = possibly pregnant = most Likely pregnant To display all previous...

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