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We are glad to see you decided to rely on natural cycle control in the future. Please read these instructions carefully and completely for your own safety. For more information about how to use the device, please refer to the table of contents or to the alphabetical index. pearly ® is here to make your life easier throughout!

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Input menstruation data post-hoc (optional) . , |12

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1. FIRST THINGS FIRST – efore using pearly ® you should discontinue taking the pill: to be fully effective, the software B must exactly determine the time of ovulation. The pill, however, hinders ovulation. – emove your hormone spiral before you begin. This is also recommended in case you R use a copper spiral. – You may start measuring your temperature at any time during your cycle. – easure your temperature immediately after waking up before getting out of bed, thus M before being active in any way (wake-temperature = basal body temperature). – f you have recorded your menstruation data...

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Press to open Battery indicator Fertility indicator Alarm symbol Measurement value Time of day/wake up time + date Menstruation indicator Intercourse indicator Function keys Battery compartment 7 – pearly

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3. USER LEVELS Device is off Press briefly = switch on Time level Alarm Wake-up time 13:46 Set time 5 sec. hrs. press briefly Min. Serial number/trial 5 Sec. measurement 0100 Software and serial number press briefly Trial measurement press briefly Date press briefly = fertility level pea

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• • press simultaneously = back to time level Fertility level Review 36.63 ^ 36.65 Measurement value - Fertility indicator / cycle da Prognosis .14 Displays last 99 days Displays next 6 days Bluetooth press briefly press briefly Data transmission Partner device found - connected Starting data synchronisation

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4. FUNCTION KEYS Circle key – se the circle key to switch between the U menu levels time, fertility, and Bluetooth. – he circle key allows you to prepare for T individual settings. – se the plus key to move to the next field and U make an input (e.g. confirm your period). – ress the plus key to move to the next field P in one step. – eady to accept settings: R Hold the circle key down for 5 seconds. – T he display blinks once and is now ready to accept a setting. Settings can then be set forward or backward using the plus or minus key. – To confirm: Hold the circle key down for 5 seconds. –...

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5. BEFORE YOU BEGIN 1. Insert the battery 2. Set the time/date 3. Setting the alarm time 4. Activate the alarm 5. nput menstruation data post-hoc I (optional) 6. Measurement the next morning 7. Read your fertility status 8. Input «M» for menstruation 2. Setting the alarm time Please insert the battery as soon as you receive your pearly ®. For more details about the battery types see page 25. Starting from the time of day: – riefly press the minus key to display the B wake-up time. – old the circle key down for 5 seconds. H – he hour setting should be blinking. T – et the hour forward or...

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5. Input menstruation data «M» post-hoc If you have recorded «M» (menstruation data), input them into the device before taking the first measurement. Activate «M» as indicated below. If you have had a few measurement-free days and you have had your period during that time, you may wish to input «M» post-hoc. Please proceed carefully with the input as incorrect values can only be corrected for the past three days. - Proceed as described under Inputting «M» post-hoc (p. 18). - Enter your post-hoc « M» inputs starting with the least recent menstruation. 6. Measuring your temperature the next...

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When you begin, pearLy® wiLL give you default values. These will be automatically deleted as soon as you have taken your own first measurement or input your previous menstruation data. The default values will come up again if you delete your own user data. To switch on pearly® Press any key. Automatic switch-off and automatic return to the time view. - If no key is pressed for 30 seconds, the device turns off automatically. - Press the plus key and the minus key simultaneously to automatically return to the time view. Starting from the time view - Hold the plus key down for 5 seconds. - In...

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7. MEASUREMENT PERIOD Measurement period pearly ® monitors the measurement period. Based on the factual time you measured your temperature, it determines the measurement period for the upcoming days. The measurement period is six hours and starts / ends three hours before / after the time point you last measured your temperature, if it deviates from the alarm settings. Measurements can only be taken once a day and must fall within this measurement period. Do not forget to activate the alarm before taking your first measurement. As a rule, the wake-up time and measurement time will be...

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8. MEASURING YOUR TEMPERATURE Measurement – general information Our system ultimately relies on the daily consistent measurement of your basal body temperature. The basal body temperature is the temperature you have immediately after waking up, before getting out of bed, thus before being active in any way. The more regularly you measure your temperature especially in the early phase, the faster the device will get to know your personal cycle. Tips for measuring your temperature Put the sensor under your tongue, right or left of the frenulum, and close your mouth. The sensor should stay...

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MEASURING YOUR TEMPERATURE Once you are finished, you will hear a tone and the measurement value will appear. The fertility status for the day will also be Measurement errors See page 28 «Errors and corrective action» Cancel / repeat measurement process To skip a measurement or cancel the measurement process, stop the process by pressing the minus and the plus key simultaneously. You will hear a tone. The device is now cancelling the measurement process. If you wish to repeat the measurement at a later stage, wait for the device to switch off. If it is switched on again during the...

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