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Oncology Information System

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Designed for diagnosis through survivorship.† DESIGNED FOR O NCOLOGY. Certified for Meaningful Use. † NCI defines survivorship in this context to mean the period from which an individual is initially diagnosed with cancer through the balance of his or her life. See also,

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 3

The ARIA® oncology information system is a comprehensive information and image management solution that lets you oversee all aspects of oncology care for your patients. ARIA combines radiation, medical and surgical oncology information into a complete, oncology-specific EMR that allows you to manage the patient’s entire journey—from initial diagnosis through post-treatment follow-up. Valuable Domain Expertise ARIA is designed to support the specific clinical needs of oncology patients—and the specific workflow needs of the clinicians who care for them. At Varian, we understand that oncology...

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 4

A collaborative approach to cancer care. ARIA for radiation therapy Advances in radiation therapy have enabled clinicians to pinpoint tumor location, track tumor motion and deliver doses with more precision than ever before. ARIA lets you confidently expand the range of your treatment offerings to include IGRT, VMAT, brachytherapy or proton therapy techniques. ARIA helps manage the complexity of the entire chemotherapy, drug and non-drug physician-ordering process. ARIA can suggest dose modifications or schedule delays, depending on each patient’s condition and response to therapy....

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 5

Multidisciplinary cancer care System interoperability Varian offers a Comprehensive Cancer Solution (CCS) configuration of ARIA for patients undergoing adjuvant or concomitant therapy in a mixed-care setting. This CCS configuration permits the sharing of the following patient information between departments for more streamlined care delivery: ARIA uses industry-standard HL7, DICOM and DICOM Worklist to facilitate seamless system integration and interoperability in mixed-vendor environments. ARIA is an award-winning oncology IT solution that provides: High availability and failover...

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 6

Stay connected throughout the journey from diagnosis to survivorship. Upon referral, the receptionist uses ARIA to schedule a consultation appointment with the oncologist. ARIA uses standard HL7 interfaces to automatically populate demographics, referring physician and insurance information from the hospital information system— helping to minimize potential errors associated with manual data entry. The oncologist performs the examination and documents any additional patient encounter information. Each document is authorized by his electronic signature, dated and time stamped. He enters...

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 7

Using diagnostic images imported via DICOM, the radiation oncologist contours the PTV and creates a prescription for the RT treatment plan in ARIA. If the physics team uses the Eclipse™ treatment planning system, no further import or export of the data is required. They have immediate access to the entire RT chart to create the plan. When the patient arrives for radiation treatment, his approved plan is simply loaded from the Varian system database. All reference images, treatment fields, MLC and related console parameters are available for the therapist. After treatment, radiation dose is...

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 8

MV, kV and CBCT images taken at the linear accelerator are saved to the Varian system database. The oncologist compares the reference images with the treatment images from the convenience of his office, determines if patient positioning changes are required and sends couch shift instructions back to the therapist at the accelerator. Throughout his treatment course, the patient can use the Active Patient Portal to request, change or cancel appointments, review laboratory results and complete questionnaires prior to arriving at the clinic, which may result in shorter, more efficient clinic...

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 9

Integration: The Varian Advantage. The most important consideration of any oncology program is the safety and well-being of patients. Varian’s delivery, imaging and software products share a unified system database to streamline clinical workflow and minimize or eliminate redundant data entry. The ARIA oncology information system forms the foundation of Varian’s integrated oncology environment: > Post-treatment, the nurse navigator will use Equicare Cancer Survivorship,™ an extension of ARIA, to create a structured survivorship care plan for the patient. Equicare gives the patient web-based...

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 10

Complete Department Management. Manage your oncology service line with software specifically designed for it. From scheduling and treatment delivery to image review and charge capture, ARIA can help you perform routine tasks quickly and accurately. Record all reimbursable events at the point of care to minimize missed charges Provide evidence that the care you give is in accordance with established industry guidelines Analyze referral patterns and forecast revenue Generate reports and queries to examine staff compliance and overall practice performance Working together to FIGHT cancer....

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ARIA Oncology Information System - 12

Oncology Information System USA Headquarters California Varian Medical Systems Palo Alto, CA European Headquarters Asian Headquarters Latin American Headquarters California Varian Medical Systems Corona, CA Tel: 951.280.4401 Fax: 951.280.4300 Switzerland Varian Medical Systems International AG Zug, Switzerland Tel: 41.41.749.88.44 Fax: 41.41.740.33.40 France Varian Medical Systems France Buc, France Tel: Fax: The Netherlands Varian Medical Systems Nederland B.V. Houten, The Netherlands Tel: 31.30.634.0506 Fax: 31.30.636.2466 Hong Kong Varian Medical Systems...

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