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A growing body of clinical evidence is demonstrating the benefits of delivering high doses in a small number of fractions.* Starting from classical neurosurgical targets, SRS (stereotactic radiosurgery) is progressing to treating targets previously not considered candidates for high-dose, hypofractionated delivery.

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RADIOSURGERY WITH A NEW EDGE. Precise, efficient and integrated. Three words that embody the Varian Edge™ radiosurgery system. Combined they have the potential to provide unmatched clinical care to patients and can make radiosurgery an option for patients. And Edge is the only system that integrates the highest dose rate with non-ionizing, direct and real-time guidance for target location. Edge signifies a new era for radiosurgical procedures with extensive, real-time tracking capabilities. Fully equipped with powerful tools, this system puts enhanced treatment options in the hands of...

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TREATMENT AS SHARP AS A SCALPEL. Accurate delivery of highly conformal dose distributions and steep gradients is the hallmark of the Edge radiosurgery system. Every step of the Edge treatment is characterized by maximum accuracy so treatments can be delivered with confidence. The use of Monte Carlo equivalent algorithms for dose calculations, extra-fine 2.5mm MLC leaves for beam shaping, real-time tracking anywhere in the body for direct target localization, and beam specifications that are amongst the tightest in the industry, all join together to put treatment with Edge in a category of...

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FAST TREATMENTS, ACCELERATED PRODUCTIVITY. Leveraging the highest dose rate in the industry, 2400MU/minute, Edge treatments allow for short treatment times, enhancing patient comfort. Using new workflow optimization tools, advances in accurate patient set up have the potential to reduce the treatment times even further. At the same time, included treatment planning modules provide treatment delivery decision support tools to help streamline decision-making in advance. As a result, clinical resources may be optimized on the day of treatment. RapidArc Technology RapidArc® radiosurgery...

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INTEGRATED FROM THE START. The Edge is an end-to-end, clinical turnkey solution. The technological components have been specifically designed and chosen to ensure that the SRS requirements of a clinic are met. Working together in harmony, all facets of this advanced system allow for the delivery of safe and accurate treatments. With tightly integrated technology that puts the patient first, clinicians can design treatments based on clinical requirements rather than technology constraints. As a result, treatment can be tailored for each individual clinical case. An Innovative Gateway to the...

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Clinical Cases Case examples are examples of targets that can be treated using the Edge radiosurgery system with RapidArc Radiosurgery. BRAIN Multiple Metastases Acoustic Neuroma Trigeminal Neuralgia Glomus Jugulare

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Spine Spine Metastasis LUNG Stage-I non-small cell Lung Cancer LIVER Hepatocellular Carcinoma PROSTATE Prostate Adenocarcinoma

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Every detail keeps your system dedicated to radiosurgery. The ability to treat a number of clinical cases comes from each individual part of this leading-edge system. These innovative tools work together to create a streamlined workflow from treatment planning to real-time target tracking and precise dose delivery, giving clinicians confidence throughout the entire treatment cycle. Just like you, each piece plays an important role in the greater picture of delivering quality care.

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Treatment Planning The Eclipse treatment planning system simplifies and accelerates the development of complex radiation treatment plans for several types of treatment. Smart Segmentation® Knowledge-based contouring streamlines workflow and facilitates the definition of targets and organs at risk. Acuros™ Dose calculation with Acuros provides Monte Carlo equivalent accuracy efficiently. RapidArc Advanced RapidArc technology uses a dynamic multileaf collimator that enables the delivery of modulated dose to tumors, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. Oncology Information System ARIA®...

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Product Features Treatment Beam Shaping kV Cone-beam CT (CBCTkV Planar Imaging) Treatment Beam X-Ray Energies MV Imaging High-Intensity Mode Integrated Software Tools Intracranial Real-time Tracking PerfectPitch™ Couch Extracranial Real-time Tracking

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Selected Specifications Output Energies X-ray (MV) 6MV, 6X High-Intensity Mode, 10X High-Intensity Mode (optional) Maximum output dose rates 6 MV at 600 MU/min Mechanical Performance Gantry and collimator isocenter accuracy < 0.5 mm radius Gantry, collimator and couch isocenter accuracy < 0.75 mm radius Gantry rotational accuracy < 0.3 degrees Imaging Options Modes kV planar, kV CBCT, fluoroscopic imaging Field of view 0 - 25 cm (head scans); 0 - 46 cm (body scans) Slice thickness 1 mm - 5 mm in 0.5 mm increments; 10 mm Multileaf Collimator High-definition 120 Multileaf Collimator Center...

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EDGE RADIOSURGERY: YOUR NEW LINE OF DEFENSE IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CANCER. Using technology designed for radiosurgical ablation, the Edge system represents an evolution in the way advanced radiosurgery is delivered. With Edge, clinics may be able to treat more patients because of the speed, precision and streamlined treatment planning developed in the system architecture. As radiosurgery becomes more common, the Edge radiosurgery system will help ensure unmatched clinical care and make radiosurgery an option for many patients.

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Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems has a rich history of delivering innovations and leading-edge technologies that treat cancerous as well as non-cancerous tumors. Our dedication to excellence has produced industry-wide results, and we continue this mission with the Edge radiosurgery system—an end-to-end clinical solution for dedicated radiosurgery applications.

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medical systems EDGE RADIOSURGERY J ;; ; Varian Medical Systems 800.544.4636 Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems Brunn am Gebirge, Austria Varian Medical Systems Belgium N.V./S.A. Diegem, Belgium Varian Medical Systems Helsinki, Finland Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems Deutschland GmbH Darmstadt, Germany Varian Medical Systems Mumbai, India Varian Medical Systems Chennai Branch, India Varian Medical Systems Delhi Branch, India Varian Medical Systems Milano, Italy Varian Medical Systems Budapest, Hungary Varian Medical...

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