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HI G H Q UA L I T Y O F C A R E O PER AT I O NA L EXC ELLE N C E HUMA N-C ENT ER ED D E SIGN FOUNDATIONS OF THE HALCYON PLATFORM In creating transformative radiotherapy treatment, we wanted an advanced system that would optimize your productivity, elevate the way you’re able to treat patients, and enable access to high quality care for every cancer center around the world. The result is a powerfully intuitive treatment system that’s centered around three crucial themes to help improve and strengthen your fight against cancer

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HALCYON An innovative new platform built to transform the way the world thinks about treating cancer. Together with our customers, we’ve led radiotherapy innovation for years. Now, with Halcyon™ radiotherapy system—the newest treatment platform in the Varian portfolio— we’re helping create radiotherapy’s future.

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To increase your level of quality care, we set the bar higher. HIGH QUALITY OF CARE Simple, efficient, and purposeful, Halcyon offers the potential to replicate treatment from machine to machine, practice to practice—putting patients and staff more at ease and delivering a high standard of care. Its advanced design is optimized to deliver quality cancer therapies for every appropriate patient, and every care center around the world.

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System capabilities allow for advanced techniques such as Multi-arc VMAT, Many-field IMRT Powerful 800 MU/min dose rate, 6MV, Flattening Filter Free (FFF) beam A fast leaf speed of up to 5cm/sec that’s specifically engineered to support the faster gantry rotation “Stacked and staggered” approach provides optimized modulation and reduced interleaf leakage HIGH QUALITY OF CARE A gantry that rotates up to four times faster Collimator rotation between fields enhances treatment conformity Dual-layer offset leaf technology with 100% overtravel capability enables more efficient treatments Fast,...

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Halcyon changes everything. OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE Varian has designed a leading-edge radiotherapy treatment system that sets a new standard for operational efficiency. Halcyon’s advanced yet simplified platform allows you to streamline your workflow and expedite installation, training and treatment times. It also offers the opportunity to reduce costs and improve profitability. Every component was conceived and engineered to provide operational excellence.

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POTENTIAL BENEFITS FAST TO CLINICAL USE Fast installation typically in 14 days or less minimizes disruption of your clinic Simplified treatment process allows for easier staff training to help get your department up and running in less time Typically fits in existing and smaller vaults ACCELERATED TREATMENT TIMES Accomodates a high volume of patients Beam-on time typically about 2 minutes whether RapidArcTM or IMRT Simplified user interfaces make sophisticated treatments easy to deliver Streamlined process: 9 steps from start to finish SMART, ROBUST OPERABILITY 6-point safety system...

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More intuitive design for cancer fighters. Less intimidating for patients. HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN Halcyon is engineered ergonomically to be intuitive, friendly, and comfortable for clinical staff and patients alike. This human-centered approach means there are fewer parts and protocols for staff to worry about, more time freed up to advance clinical capabilities, and most importantly, more opportunities to provide the highest level of care for every patient.

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Clear patient intercom with input jack for in-room music Integrated couch-mounted camera enables close connection with patient Low height, easy access, and smooth couch movement Remote start of unload upon treatment completion to minimize patient time on the couch HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN ENHANCED PATIENT CONNECTION - Large “LiveView” patient video image embedded in treatment screen SPACIOUS OPEN-BORE DESIGN - Roomy and patient- Wide 100cm bore; shallow Soft, ambient lighting friendly design 80cm bore depth provides positive, reassuring patient experience PATIENT-CENTRIC COUCH Our...

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In developing Halcyon, we set out to rethink the way we approached radiotherapy so you can redefine the way you fight cancer. We considered all the possibilities—and the impossibilities—to design a patient-centered radiotherapy treatment platform that’s focused on the essentials your clinic needs to deliver a high quality of care. Every single component, innovation, and minute detail has been designed, engineered, tested, re-tested, and then seamlessly integrated to work together in perfect harmony. WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE WHAT YOU ACHIEVE.

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HALCYON USA, Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturer California Tel: 650.493.4000 varian.com Varian Medical Systems 800.544.4636 Palo Alto, CA Fax: 650.493.5637 USA Regional Offices California Varian Medical Systems Corona, CA Tel: 951.280.4401 Georgia Varian Medical Systems Marietta, GA Tel: 770.955.1367 EMEIA and CIS Headquarters Switzerland Varian Medical Systems International AG Cham, Switzerland Tel: 41.41.749.88.44 Algeria Varian Medical Systems Algeria Spa Algiers, Algeria Tel: Austria Varian Medical Systems Gesellschaft m.b.H. Brunn am Gebirge,...

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