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“ article Therapy is one of my top initiatives as CEO of Varian Medical Systems. P We are leveraging all of our existing and future technologies – from image guidance, tumor tracking, intensity modulation, to software and beyond. With these advances, you have more options for patients and more opportunities for your clinic.” Dow Wilson, CEO Varian Medical Systems TOGETHER WE CAN REDEFINE WHAT’S POSSIBLE.

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By introducing proton therapy into your clinic, you can maximize your potential to deliver treatment above and beyond conventional radiation therapy, while continuing to thrive as you create an innovative future. Whether it’s fully integrated technology, or a robust network of partners, we believe working together creates mutual success. So join us with ProBeam™—the latest chapter in our mission to simplify, innovate and support cancer-fighting solutions.

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A NEW WAY TO DO WHAT YOU DO BEST— FIGHT CANCER. Proton Therapy is at the forefront of cancer care. It is used to reduce the risk of damage to surrounding healthy tissues and organs by enabling clinicians to precisely target tumors with radiation. Protons can treat a variety of cancer cases including pediatric, head and neck, liver, lung and gastrointestinal cases. It is a technique commonly utilized when the goal is to reduce side effects and the occurrence of secondary tumors. Proton therapy can also be used to treat recurrent tumors in patients who have received prior radiation treatment.

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By investing in the ProBeam proton therapy system, you enable your clinic to expand through innovation. This expansion in both clinical capability and physical floor plan will attract more patients and top health care professionals. Our history in oncology research and development has helped pave the way to ProBeam—and to you—so these innovations can be placed directly in the hands of your clinicians. This breakthrough system integrates advanced imaging and treatment planning for comprehensive efficiency and safety. Progressive features: Dynamic Peak™ Workflow Designed by and for radiation...

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I [\ I [\ I (^~^\ / /\ "T~ I (~~*\ l\ I Contract signing and Groundbreaking Manufacturing of I I N I N \— V I \ I I \— I N \J I \— I N financial closing ceremony equipment A cancer treatment system of this caliber requires facility development that meets the needs of both technology and the staff that interacts with it on a daily basis. Your clinic is unique and comes with its own requirements, which is why our consultants work directly with you to develop a system that matches your vision. Choose from a single room configuration or up to six room systems. Benefit from a vendor that...

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Transport of Installation of System calibration Staff Treatment Begin patient equipment treatment room on site training room ready treatments

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ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY ALL WORKING TOGETHER. < REAL-TIME POSITION MANAGEMENT™ PROVIDES RESPIRATORY GATING AND REAL-TIME PATIENT POSITION MONITORING. TRUEBEAM ® > ENABLES THE DELIVERY OF ADVANCED RADIOTHERAPY TREATMENTS TO MORE PATIENTS WITH VARYING CANCER CASES. We offer a wide range of advanced technologies for a number of different treatments—each of which enable our partners to deliver quality care from diagnosis through survivorship. And with each new discovery, we know it’s only the beginning—join us on our journey. STREAMLINES THE PLANNING PROCESS ACROSS AN ARRAY OF TREATMENT TECHNIQUES....

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We’ll work with you to streamline the construction of your facility and the installation of your ProBeam system in a manner that is both time-conscious and cost-effective. TOGETHER WE CREATE THE LINK BETWEEN WHAT IS AND WHAT CAN BE. As a dedicated a partner and fellow innovator we believe it’s important that you get the most out of your ProBeam system. Every clinic is unique, so we’ll work with you to discover the solutions that work best for you. Whether you have questions about location-specific financing or reimbursement, we can help you find the answer. But the support doesn’t stop...

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We’ll provide you the necessary training and tools so your staff can master this breakthrough system. Each year, we train about 7,500 medical experts in our training centers. We’ll be available whenever the need arises to answer any questions and troubleshoot in order to ensure that your system is performing at its best.

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UNITED BY PURPOSE TO FIGHT CANCER. Varian Medical Systems has been a pioneer in the field of oncology for more than 60 years. During this time, we introduced innovative treatment techniques, equipment and software used to treat tens of thousands of cancer patients worldwide. Today we offer products and services to advance the entire treatment process. Our work creates a community for those affected by cancer, so we can unite around our common goal to fight this disease.

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medical systems PROBEAM Proton Therapy System * * * Particle Therapy Varian Particle Therapy GmbH ■ » • Palo Alto, CA 94304-1038 51429 Bergisch Gladbach Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems Cham, Switzerland Regional Offices Varian Medical Systems Brunn am Gebirge, Austria Varian Medical Systems Belgium N.V./S.A. Diegem, Belgium Varian Medical Systems Helsinki, Finland Varian Medical Systems Varian Medical Systems Deutschland GmbH Darmstadt, Germany Varian Medical Systems Budapest, Hungary Varian Medical Systems Mumbai, India Varian Medical Systems Chennai...

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