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Dental Ergonomic dental chairs that optimise your work day Danish design and production since 1935

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We focus on good ergonomics and adaptation to your clinic Dentists, dental hygienists and clinic assistants are exposed to sedentary work and repetitive, taxing movements on a daily basis. Chairs from VELA Medical are designed to provide flexible seating positions and ergonomic support to reduce the strain. FOCUS ON GOOD ERGONOMICS ADAPTATION TO YOUR CLINIC :: Our specially designed dental chairs provide ergonomic support for the neck, shoulders, arms and lower back to reduce the strain on clinic staff :: We offer a wide range of upholstery types and colours, so chairs can be adapted to...

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The VELA Latin 300 allows clinic staff to sit close to the patient or colleague during treatments due to the specially designed seat cut-out. LOW BACKREST SUPPORTS THE LOWER BACK AND ENSURES FREE MOVEMENT OF THE ARMS AND SHOULDERS ROUNDED FRONT EDGE OF THE SEAT PROVIDES GOOD BLOOD :: Ideal for long periods of sitting in the same position, the rounded front edge of the seat ensures good blood circulation to the legs CIRCULATION TO THE LEGS SO THAT YOU CAN SIT FOR A LONG TIME IN THE SAME POSITION :: Ergonomically shaped backrest provides support to the lower back and can be adjusted to...

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VELA Dental Chair NARROW BACKREST SUPPORTS THE LOWER BACK AND ENSURES FREE MOVEMENT OF THE NECK, SHOULDERS AND ARMS UNIQUE SEAT DESIGN ENSURES THAT YOU DO NOT SLIDE FORWARD IN THE FORWARDLEANING SITTING POSITION :: Unique seat relieves pressure on the seat bones and increases comfort by using different types of foam in the construction, such as a pressure relieving zone in the centre of the seat ROUNDED FRONT EDGE OF THE SEAT PROVIDES GOOD BLOOD VELA Dental Chair supports and improves staff working postures when working in forward-leaning, static and strenuous positions. The chair was...

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VELA ’Support+’ Surgeon’s Chair LOW BACKREST SUPPORTS THE LOWER BACK AND ENSURES FREE MOVEMENT OF MULTI-ADJUSTABLE ARMRESTS RELIEVE ARMS, SHOULDERS AND NECK VELA ’Support+’ Surgeon’s Chair improves the dentist’s working posture during long periods of precision work where it is essential to adjust the chair to support each individual dentist. :: Multi-adjustable armrests help keep the arms and hands stable and relieve back, shoulders and neck :: Multi-adjustable armrests can be adjusted and locked in many positions to fit the specific type of treatment and the desired working position ::...

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VELA ’Basic+’ Surgeon’s Chair VELA ’Basic+’ Surgeon’s Chair improves the dentist’s working position, as the chair can be adjusted to the needs of the individual dentist. For treatments where armrests are not needed. LOWER BACK AND ENSURES FREE MOVEMENT OF THE SHOULDERS AND ARMS FOOT-OPERATED ELECTRIC HEIGHT :: Foot-operated electric height adjustment allows optimal positioning of the chair relative to the dental unit while maintaining hand sterility ADJUSTMENT ENSURES EASY AND CORRECT :: Compact and flexible chair with unique design that gives ample space for your feet and allows you to get...

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VELA ’Assist’ Dental Chair ‘ERGOREST’ ARMRESTS PROVIDE VELA ‘Assist’ Dental Chair improves and supports the working posture of clinic staff in situations where they work in a demanding position with arms extended from the body. SUPPORT AND REDUCE MUSCLE TENSION IN ARMS, SHOULDERS AND NECK NARROW BACKREST SUPPORTS THE LOWER BACK AND ENSURES FREE MOVEMENT OF THE NECK, SHOULDERS AND ARMS :: Unique ‘Ergorest’ armrests provide support and relieve muscle tension in the arms, shoulders and neck when working with the arms extended from the body :: Armrests support arms while providing free movement...

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Stools VELA Samba 120 :: Stand support chair, which is ideal for standing work, where you need relief in the standing position The seat design provides support in the standing position and makes it easy to move the chair around :: Ergonomic design relieves stress on the back and legs when working in a standing position :: Short seat makes it easy to get in and out of the chair while avoiding a bent-over posture :: Small backrest with good lumbar support promotes an erect, upright seating position and allows free movement of shoulders and arms :: Compact seat design makes it easy to move the...

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Stools VELA Samba 410 :: Unique seat design promotes an active seat- ing position and improves the working posture for clinic staff :: Seat design activates postural muscles in the back and stomach to maintain an upright sitting position without the risk of losing balance, in the same way as a Pilates ball The unique seat activates the body’s balance system in the same way as a Pilates ball :: Dynamic seat movement stimulates and strengthens the back and a more upright, active sitting position is achieved :: Seat design promotes rotation of the pelvis and beneficial mobility in the lumbar...

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Hygiene Benefits VELA medical chairs are designed to meet the stringent hygiene and disinfecting requirements in the healthcare sector :: For optimal hygiene, chairs have easy-to-clean surfaces without re- cesses where dirt might gather, including the underside of the chair :: All backrests are supplied with edge bands to prevent dirt collecting in the joints :: The chairs have easily cleanable surfaces without any recesses, where dirt might gather :: All parts can withstand disinfection, for example, with alcohol or chlorine at the recommended concentration and mixing ratios ::...

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