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BIOPURE 60/120


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BIOPURE HEALTHCARE BIOPURE 60/120 The BIOPURE 60/120 has been specifically designed to deliver compliant purified water at the point of use for a wide range of washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors to minimize contamination risk to patients. • Reliable water quality – unique disinfection design for purification of RO membranes as well as the local distribution loop • Guaranteed bacterial system disinfection specification, provided by integrated purification technologies combined with easy • Space saving – “all in one” design allows easy under-bench installation • Economic design – unique “wrap around” reservoir • Unique system operation protection using automated alarms and access to important control systems BIOPURE 60/120 Water Quality Sensor Return From Loop Optional E-Cartridge Water Quality Sensor Reverse Osmosis Modules Boost Pump Delivery/ Recirculation Pump Ultrafiltration Module Feedwater Inlet Air Gap Protek Pretreatment Cartridge Optional Biopure Purification Cartridge

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BIOPUREHEALTHCARE Treated Water Specifications MODEL Make-up rate @15°C Delivery flow rate - maximum Inorganics (conductivity @25°C) Inorganics (conductivity @25°C) (Optipure Purification Cartridge installed) Bacteria - typical Endotoxin ISubject to a maximum feed water TDS of500 ppm. For applications outside of this range, please contact Technical Support. 2System to be installed and regularly disinfected following ELGA LabWater installation design guidelines. Sample to be taken from hygienic sample valve and sampled in accordance with ELGA LabWater Guidelines. Dimensions and weights...

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