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MEDICA® Pro-R and Pro-RE - 1

MEDICA® Pro-R/RE The MEDICA Pro range is specifically designed to meet the water quality needs of high performance, high volume single or multiple Clinical Diagnostic Analyzers. All MEDICA Pro systems deliver up to 4 l/min of CLRW grade water with a choice of 30, 60 or 120 l/hr productivity to match your analyzer requirements. The single system design incorporates all the water purification components plus a 50 liter storage reservoir to ensure a very quick and cost-effective installation. • Space saving – ‘all in one’ design allows easy under-bench installation and flexibility for future relocation as the laboratory grows • Economy – budget adherence is maintained by optimal water purification technology and the use of an optional E-cartridge to reduce CO2, depending on the feedwater quality • Guaranteed performance at all times – self monitoring software with built in emergency by-pass allows uninterrupted operation 24 hours per day • Guaranteed bacterial specification – onboard technology combined with easy system sanitization ensures • Upgradable configuration – from 30 l/hr up to 120 l/hr production rate, 2 l/min up to 4 l/min flow rate, to grow as the laboratory grows Process Flow MEDICA Pro-RE MEDICA Pro-R/RE Return From Loop (Optional) E-Cartridge Water Quality Sensor CVF Composite Vent Filter Reservoir Temperature Sensor Drain Reverse Osmosis Modules Boost Pump Feedwater Inlet Protek Pretreatment Cartridge Water Quality Sensor Delivery/ Recirculation Pump Drain Ultra Micro Filtration Hand Operated Valve UV Lamp Emergency By-pass Medpure (Optional) Deionization Medpure Cartridge Deionization Cartridge

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MEDICA® Pro-R and Pro-RE - 2

Treated Water Specifications MODEL MEDICA Pro-30 MEDICA Pro-60 MEDICA Pro-120 Make-up rate @15°C 30 l/hr 60 l/hr 120 l/hr Delivery flow rate - maximum Up to 4 l/min @ 14psi (1bar) 1 Up to 4 l/min @ 14psi (1bar) 1 Up to 4 l/min @ 14psi (1bar) 1 Inorganics (resistivity @25°C) >10 MO-cm >10 MQ-cm >10 MO-cm Particles 0.05 pm filter 0.05 pm filter 0.05 pm filter 1With high flow kit (LA700) or 2 l/min @ 14 psi (Thar) without high flow kit. 2Subject to correct operating and maintenance procedures. Dimensions and weights Dimensions Height 820mm (32.8in), 834mm (33.4in) including castors, Width...

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