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Email us Today: Phone: +44 (0) 1794 367 110 For the details of each product, please visit: * Dual channel EMG (Biofeedback) * Four channel Stimulator (NMS) * Dual channel ETS with four channel * Pre-set groups of programmes, called Clinical Modes: Incontinence and pelvic work out, Sports, Rehabilitation. * Passive and Active phases: EMG and * Manual and Automatic threshold control. * EMG Biofeedback between stimulation (muscle activity and tiredness indication when using muscle stimulation). * Stand alone device or used in conjunction with established multilingual PC Software (optional, see bottom of this * High capacity rechargeable battery and charger supplied. No mains required! * Designed to be used as a multipurpose device in clinic with the home use You will find all MyoPlus devices have very similar programmes, modes and settings. To pick up the correct model, decide how many channels you need. The number (2 or 4) after "MyoPlus" name defines number of * Four x AA batteries for greater flexibility * All other aspects - same as MyoPlus4 * Single channel EMG (Biofeedback), ETS * Pre-set groups of programmes, called Clinical Modes: Incontinence and pelvic work out, Sports, Rehabilitation, Fitness * Ideal unit for pelvic floor work out using the probe. This device gives you a wide range of available techniques: You can warm up, reduce pain, strengthen muscles with NMS. Further, you can compare your muscle strength on weekly basis using EMG, which is also extremely helpful for voluntary contraction exercises. The most advanced mode is ETS (EMG triggered stimulation) when you perform a series of voluntary contractions and the unit helps to keep the muscle contracted by triggering the NeuroTrac™ Software v5.0 or higher forWindows«XP,Vista,win7 Compare your muscle performance on easy to read calendar graph The graph shows your time scale. correct decision. (Interferential current included!) * 2 channel IFC, 2 channel conventional * All in One Unit: IFC, TENS, NMS: The left (Gray) side has Interferential IFC, the right side (Blue) has TENS and Muscle Stimulation. * Run IFC and conventional TENS at the same time! You can empower your pain treatment results by combining the Conventional High and Low frequency TENS with the powerful Interferential IFC therapy. As an example, the pain from the joint (knee, elbow, hip) could be treated by the deep powerful IFC current (Gray side) when you attach 4 electrodes across the joint. Additionally, the conventional High frequency TENS could be used when the right side channels (Blue side) are connected with the electrodes placed on the back, across the meridians to trigger the Pain gate mechanism. * Digital Dual channel TENS and NMS device for Pain Relief and muscles work out. * Bigger clearer screen. * Bigger ergonomic keypad. * Ability to select time for each programme. * Ability to run 2 different TENS programmes at the same time, which allows you to run a combination of high and low frequency pain relief treatments on 2 areas at the same time. * 13 Pre-set TENS programmes, * 3 Custom programmes to set up your own * Ability to set up multi phase customised programmes, where each time phase could have different TENS modalities. * Single Channel EMG unit. * Very practical and easy to use, simple solution for any biofeedback assessments and * Digital biofeedback reading * Used as an EMG Biofeedback training aid or as a Diagnostic Tool. Combined with NeuroTrac™ Continence or PelviTone - very effective combination for Incontinence * Works with the optional NeuroTrac™ Software EMG Games Patient's Database EMG graph comparison on progress Reports EMG Work/Rest Assessment EMG Template training ETS Visualization * Manual (optional, all manuals * Fibre optic to USB Adaptor * Fibre optic cable * Readme.pdf for Trouble free Use the upgrade kit if you already have the accessories from the previous full kit installation, such as fiber optic

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Email us Today: Address: Verity Medical Ltd., Unit 7, Upper Slackstead Farm ObslLtric TENS * Digital Dual channel TENS device for Pain Relief. * Waveform: Asymmetrical, rectangular bi-phasic with zero DC current, Constant current, Max voltage: * Mode: Continuous, Burst or Modulated. 3 Customisable TENS programmes * Lock mode function to measure the home compliance (mA and time used) NeuroTrac ™ TENS and Acustim * Mode: Continuous, Burst or Modulated. * Type: Constant current, max voltage: * 12 Pre-set TENS programmes, 2 Customisable TENS Programmes, 4 Acustim...

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