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leaders in hygiene. care home sector solutions.

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The importance of infection prevention Elderly patients are typically less mobile and are especially vulnerable to infection. Preventing cross-infection within a healthcare facility with an older population is made easier with the Vernacare system, whilst giving residents the dignity they deserve.  We spoke to 200 aged care home providers who use Vernacare within their facilities. 97% considered infection prevention as ‘very important’ because of increasing regulation and the potential negative impact of infection outbreaks on the business, residents, staff, visitors and reputation. ...

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Who are we? At Vernacare, we are proven world-leaders and the inventors of the single-use system for patient toileting and cleansing, which is now present in over 50 countries across the world and 94% of UK hospitals. Vernacare offers unique benefits to aged care homes and residences: experience Vernacare developed the single-use system over 50 years ago and continue to provide innovative solutions across the globe. We are the experts full solution We manufacture & supply our disposal units, single-use containers and other infection prevention products from the UK, ensuring consistent...

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1. Reduces infection in your aged care home Single-use products are disposed of immediately after they’re used, eliminating the risk of cross-infection between residents: “An improvement strategy that incorporated the introduction of the Vernacare washbowl reported a 56% reduction in HCAIs”*. 2. Saves care worker time By streamlining the toileting and cleaning procedures and eliminating the loading and unloading of washers and restacking reusable toileting items, care workers gain more time to engage with residents in more positive activities: “We can demonstrate a 33% time-saving using a...

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Bedpan and Disposable Support I deal for general toileting of patients. Ergonomic design reduces pressure on coccyx. Curved edges allows easier patient positioning. Bedpan product code: 121AA075. Case Qt: 75 Disposable support: 122AA050. Case Qt: 50 Midi Slipper Pan I deal for general toileting of patients with limited mobility in bed. Product code: 1091AA100 Case Quantity: 100 Male Urinal Encourages independent toileting, providing convenience, dignity and comfort to patients. Product code: 102AA100 Case Quantity: 100 VernaFem Disposable female urinal ergonomically designed to...

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Support Services Vernacare can offer a comprehensive range of services to support a healthcare facility or residential care home, these include: System installation. Our service team can carry out pre-installation checks, install the disposal unit, remove any old equipment, carry out remedial work and commission the disposal unit. Provision of storage facilities for single-use products. Optimisation of space in a busy dirty utility room area is crucial and a wide range of wall mounted racks tailored to the single-use products are available. Advice and installation is part of the service....

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