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Clinisan - 2

IAD AFFECTS AS MANY AS 41% OF ADULTS IN LONG-TERM CARE; IT IS COSTLY, PAINFUL AND FOR THE MOST PART PREVENTABLE.3 LIAD is a prevalent complication of incontinence that compromises skin integrity and can cause pain, discomfort, and loss of independence to those affected. What can contribute to IAD? • Prolonged exposure to urine and/or faeces • Frequent skin cleansing with soap and water • Inappropriate cleansing technique Incontinence IT IS ESTIMATED THAT 25% OF ELDERLY PEOPLE IN CARE SUFFER REGULAR FAECAL INCONTINENCE.1 Impacting on patients physical and mental health, incontinence is high...

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Clinisan - 3

Providing a gentle and effective solution for intimate patient hygiene and continence care. Convenient & time-saving Cleansing, moisturising & deodorising Improved user experience Barrier protection

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Clinisan - 4

The Solution Simple, low-cost skin care interventions such as the introduction of a skin cleansing product like Clinisan™ may have a positive impact on quality of life and help protect the skin. Clinisan™ Emollient Skin Cleansing Foam Clinisan™ Emollient Skin Cleansing Foam provides a convenient gentle and effective cleansing system for continence care. Ideal for use with bariatric patients or patients with urinary and/or faecal incontinence, Clinisan™ gently lifts soiling, whilst cleansing, restoring and moisturising the skin. •(Convenient pre-packaged solution can save time •(Removes the...

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Clinisan - 5

Clinisan™ Bodywash Clinisan™ Bodywash is specifically formulated to help protect and care for dry and sensitive skin, acting as an alternative for traditional soap. THE USE OF TRADITIONAL SOAP DURING CLEANSING IS KNOWN TO ALTER THE SKIN’S PH LEVELS, OFTEN CAUSING SKIN DAMAGE.8 Clinisan™ Bodywash is designed with pH balance and added moisturisers to support skin integrity. CURRENT CLINICAL GUIDANCE ADVOCATES THE USE OF LIQUID SOAP FOR THE PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF HEALTHCARE-ASSOCIATED INFECTION.9 Combining shampoo, bodywash and a foam bath, Clinisan™ Bodywash is a liquid solution designed...

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Clinisan - 6

Description Clinisan™ Emollient Skin Cleansing Foam Clinisan™ Bodywash 1. Department of Health (2000). Good practice in continence services. 2. NHS England (2015). Excellence in continence care: Practical guidance for commissioners, providers, health and social care staff and information for the public. 3. Nix D, Haugen V. (2010). Prevention and management of incontinence associated dermatitis. Drugs Aging. 4. NHS England (2014). Help nurses care - A view from the front line on the ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign. 5. Beeckman D et al. (2015). Proceedings of the Global IAD Expert Panel....

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