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Infection prevention precisely where you need it. COMPACT ANOTHER FIRST BY VERNACARE

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New Compact - 2

The smart way to contain infection We innovate Vernacare invented the single use toileting system for healthcare facilities more than 50 years ago, and have been innovating ever since. The Compact is a next generation, slimline disposal unit featuring exceptional design and completely contactless operation, designed to reduce risk and enhance dignity. The Compact is ideal for areas where use of pulp containers is low and space is limited. It’s uniquely flexible fitting design means you can prevent infections precisely where you need to. Inspired design REFINED REDUCED RISK Patented slimline...

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New Compact - 3

The Compact prevents infection in areas where there are a low number of patients who require to be toileted and washed in bed. It is also well-suited for specialist procedures that only require a single receptacle such as a kidney dish or vomit bowl. You'll minimise the risk of harm to patients, staff, and visitors by disposing of used items in the unit as soon as they've been used by the patient, rather than having to walk to another area of the facility to dispose of the item safely. RECOMMENDED AREAS FOR INSTALLATION V Isolation rooms V Barrier nursing V Single patient rooms V...

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New Compact - 4

Benefits of the Compact Designed for locating close to the source of infection, to advance staff and patient dignity by disposing of human waste closer to the patient, and featuring completely contactless operation to ensure the highest hygiene standards. PATIENT BENEFITS V Enhances dignity V Reduces the risk of Healthcare Acquired infections STAFF BENEFITS V Convenient and easy to use V Reduces ward walking and releases time to care V Minimises the risk of infection FACILITY BENEFITS V Best practice V Reduced costs V Maximises V Reduces infection from HCAIs nurses'...

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New Compact - 5

Make the right choice Small wards or single patient environments Ward size & type Large wards with multiple patient beds Patient type High number of immobile patients who are toileted or washed in bed Installation location Vortex/Vortex+ are floorstanding and need extra space for installation. Low number of immobile patients who are toileted or washed in bed Patient bathroom, utility room or small sluice room Wall-mounted to save space. Large sluice room VORTEX VORTEX+

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New Compact - 6

Vernacare Limited, 1 Western Avenue, Matrix Park, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 7NB, UK T: +44 (0) 1204 529 494 F: +44 (0) 1772 299 901 E: W:  @VernacareOffice  Vernacare

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