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Vernacare System- Are you ready to SWITCH?


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Vernacare System- Are you ready to SWITCH? - 2

Inadequate waste disposal systems put patients AT RISK of infection.1 Up to 33% of reusable items failed an audit due to visible faecal soiling after processing in a bedpan washer.2 HCAI’s lead to significant MORTALITY & FINANCIAL losses for health systems.3

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Vernacare System- Are you ready to SWITCH? - 3

THE PROBLEM RISK OF CROSS INFECTION Bedpan washer malfunctions are not always obvious to users and so may go unnoticed, entailing the risk of improper disinfection, and putting at-risk every patient who uses a reusable receptacle of acquiring a HCAI. ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE Using a reusable bedpan carries an increased risk of transmitting bacteria such as CRE, VRE and C.Difficile which have developed resistance to some antibiotics. The impact of antibiotic resistance leads to higher medical costs, prolonged hospital stays and increased mortality. INCREASED COSTS A bedpan washer requires the...

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Vernacare System- Are you ready to SWITCH? - 4

INFECTION PREVENTION A brand new environmentally friendly bedpan is used with every patient, eradicating any risk of transmitting a HCAI. LESS ANTIBIOTIC USAGE Every infection prevented is an antibiotic treatment avoided. Implementing the Vernacare disposable system supports every healthcare facility in reducing the transmission of bacteria through faecal soiling and unnecessary use of ineffective antibiotic treatment. COST EFFECTIVE The costs associated with treating a HCAI transmitted via bedpans are zero as a new receptacle is used with every patient. The Vernacare macerators costs up to...

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SWITCH TO VERNACARE PIONEERS of the disposable system. Thanks to decades of continual innovation and adhering to the strictest quality standards, Vernacare is the largest medical graded pulp manufacturer in the world, providing healthcare facilities with choice & guaranteed supply to ensure maximum user satisfaction. PROVEN INFECTION PREVENTION via independent studies demonstrated that using the Vernacare disposable system supported a 56% reduction in C.difficile.5 Vernacare is the only company in the world that has commissioned an independent report to prove that its macerators do not...

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FULL SYSTEM SOLUTION To find out more about switching to the Vernacare disposable system contact us now: Find your local Vernacare distributor via +44 (0)1204 529494 1 Western Ave, Matrix Park, Chorley, PR77NB, UK. References 1. World Health Organization. Patients Safety. Report on the Burden of Endemic Health Care-Associated Infection Worldwide 2011. 2. Bryce E, Lamsdale A, Forrester L et al. Bedpan washer-disinfectors: An in-use evaluation of cleaning and disinfection. American Journal of Infection Control. Oct 2011; 39: 566-70 3. World Health...

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