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WITH ONE PANORAMIC IMAGE, YOU ACHIEVE A FULL MOUTH SERIES. u Need Is One PanoAdvanced Quality OFF_ON Optimized Workflow - 32 seconds of CT reconstruction after scanning. - 3D imaging software with an implant library of various companies. - STL converter for Object Scan (impression, model, and etc).

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RAYSCAN ALPHA 3D EDGE Type Patient positioning Focal spot Tube voltage Tube current Weight Panoramic, Cephalometric, Cone Beam CT Standing or sitting (wheelchair accessible) 0.5mm 60~90kVp 4-17mA RAYSCAN a - 3D EDGE (Pano+CT):l 48kg (326.281b) RAYSCAN a - 3D EDGE (Pano + CT+Scan Ceph):164kg (361.561b) Cone Beam CT with l^^o^Panoramic X-Ray Detector type F.O.V Voxel size (CT) Scan time Panoramic CMOS detector Cephalometric (Scan type) CdTe detector 20x24cm, 22x24cm,26x24cm Dimensions (Unit: mm/inch) Suggested Operating Space Front View RAY AMERICA INC. New Jersey 725 River Road, Suite...

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