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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2. V1/Q4/22

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 Copyright 2023 Virtualware Company - All rights reserved

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 1. VIROO Platform ® VIROO® is a VR platform developed to enable easy creation, management and deployment of immersive multi-user content. VIROO® is a technologically advanced product, but at the same time very simple to use and manage in an effective and efficient way. The different elements that make up the platform are explained below: • VIROO® Players • VIROO® Portal • VIROO® Studio • VIROO® VirtualDesk • VIROO® Academy VIROO® Players VIROO® Players are the components necessary to deploy and run the content generated through the platform. The continuous...

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 1.1.1. VIROO® Single Player VIROO® content can be deployed on desktop computers with or without VR viewers. This Player allows users to join sessions from anywhere in the world and share the same virtual space. To interact with the scenery and 3D models you can use the mouse and keyboard or the movement controllers of each viewer. The level of interaction can be predefined in advance, allowing a fully participatory or more contemplative role. DEPLOYMENT EXAMPLES WITH VIROO® SINGLE PLAYER: 1: HMD with controllers connected to laptop via cable 2: Desktop computer...

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 1.1.2. VIROO® Room Player VIROO® Room Player allows to deploy applications in large immersive rooms, a characteristic and differential element of the platform. This VIROO® module integrates the HTC Vive LBE tracking system to provide high-precision tracking of multiple people in large-scale environments, thanks to its Map Sharing system. VIROO® Room Player enables the display of content in large-scale immersive multi-user rooms. Copyright 2023 Virtualware Company - All rights reserved

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 CONTROL PANEL VIROO® Room Player includes a software module called Control Panel designed to manage immersive rooms through simple and intuitive interfaces that allow organizations to work with complex infrastructures quickly and efficiently. Control Panel Complex processes are solved by providing an intuitive graphical interface (frontend) that allows to configure and manage a complete immersive room, and automate the deployment of VIROO® content on multiple user computers in the room. The interfaces have been designed to facilitate and automate the operation,...

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 VIROO® Portal VIROO® Portal is the space that allows access to the user profile to manage the VIROO® platform account, as well as to manage all the contents. VIROO® Portal - Access The contents generated through VIROO® are hosted in the cloud to allow the deployment of these in the different places needed. The different VIROO® Players that are available are managed and synchronized automatically or on demand in order to function properly. VIROO® Portal - Content Management Copyright 2023 Virtualware Company - All rights reserved

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 VIROO® Virtual Desk Virtual Desk is a remote assistance service that allows users of the tool to register incidents related to the use of VIROO®. In order to provide the best support, having all the traceability of the possible incidents that have occurred, this service is carried out through a ticketing tool. Virtualware's team of Customer Success Managers is responsible for responding to customers through this platform. From top to bottom: Access to Virtual Desk and example of a ticket registered by customer Copyright 2023 Virtualware Company - All rights reserved

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 VIROO® Academy VIROO® Academy is the VIROO® training platform. It offers several comprehensive tutorials to teach users how to effectively use the different tools of the platform. The portal is based on the Moodle standard and allows students to follow the training courses through different resources such as videos and PDF manuals. From top to bottom: Courses assigned to VIROO® Academy student and course example Copyright 2023 Virtualware Company - All rights reserved

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 1.5. VIROO® Studio VIROO® has a very complete action framework on top of Unity that allows the creation of immersive content to be done without a single line of code. In this way, content creation is not exclusively limited to development teams, but any user can unleash their creativity and create their own VR content. VIROO® Studio is one of the cornerstones of VIROO® as a platform and is constantly evolving, incorporating new capabilities for users with each release while maintaining simplicity in the certification process. VIROO® Studio, scene creation process...

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 2. VIROO® Platform Cloud Hosting 2.1. In order to offer high system availability in terms of connectivity and security, VIROO® makes use of an infrastructure provided by AWS, a cloud computing services created by Amazon to build, test, deploy and manage applications and services. With a datacenter located in the Europe region, the selected system always uses technologies with an SLA of over 99%, guaranteeing that the contracting entity's data will always be secure and with an SLA of 99.9% availability. Corporate or Public Units If for reasons such as...

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ANNEX VIROO® Platform 2.2 HMDs Compatibility VIROO® currently operates using SteamVR and is compatible with all major headsets on the market. • META - Oculus Rift, Rift S, Quest and Quest 2. HTC - HTC Vive, Vive Pro and Vive Focus 3. Networking Considerations VIROO® Room Player and Single Player are capable of streaming operation. In order to achieve optimum performance, the right network equipment and the correct network configuration are essential. For more information, see Annex VIROO Room 2. Copyright 2023 Virtualware Company - All rights reserved

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