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VITA VACUMAT® 6000 M Operating manual VITA Farbkommunikation VITA Farbkommunikation VITA shade determination VITA shade communication VITA shade reproduction VITA shade control VITA – perfect match.

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2.1 Control unit VITA vPad 5 9.5 Information about the identification plates 10 9.6 Connecting the device to the mains voltage 11 9.7 Switching off the device, or stopping its operation 11 10.1 Cleaning firing for the firing chamber 12 13 Mains power supply failure 13

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VITA VACUMAT® 6000 M 1 Introduction Dear Customer, Thank you for your decision to buy a VITA VACUMAT 6000 M. The proven heating system for ceramic firing devices using a quartz/Kanthal firing muffle and newly developed insulating material in the firing chamber, ensures you many years of uniform firing results with all ceramic materials. The high-quality temperature control and automatic temperature adjustment ensures a precision of plus/minus 1°C. This device has been designed in accordance with the latest technological benchmarks and complies with all international safety standards....

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2 Scope of delivery Device supplied in a special box with: • 1 firing furnace VITA VACUMAT 6000 M lacquered (anthracite,crimson, sky blue, deep black, turquoise blue, standard white) or stainless steel Item No. • 1 network cable, 200 cm • 1 VITA Dental Equipment DVD, Operating Manual 10228M 2.1 Control unit VITA vPad The VITA VACUMAT 6000 M can be equipped with the following control units: • VITA vPad comfort with 7" LED color touch screen, photo viewer, memory for 500 firing programs for control of 1 or 2 VITA VACUMAT 6000 M / VITA VACUMAT 6000 MP and VITA ZYRCOMAT 6000...

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3 Technical information With VITA VACUMAT 6000 M, you can benefit from: • Innovative firing technology and high-tech materials inside the firing chamber for even better homogenous heat distribution • A firing muffle with maximum durability ("Made in Germany") and reliable electronics for consistently excellent firing results • Numerous monitoring and service programs to maximize working comfort, safety and time savings, including: - automatic prevention of condensation in the firing chamber (VITA AntiCon) - automatic temperature adjustment to +/-1 °C at the start of each program (VITA...

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5 Intended use Basic information on the instrument design The device is designed according to state-of-the-art and recognized safety standards. However, if it is used inappropriately, hazards for the health and safety of the user or third parties may arise, as well as the risk of damaging the device and other material property. Unauthorized modes of operation Operation of the device with power sources, products, etc., which are subject to hazardous materials regulations, using equipment modified by the user, or operation that could have any negative impact on the health of the...

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7 Ambient conditions • Use indoors • Ambient temperature: 2°C to 40°C • Relative humidity 80% at 31°C • Max. altitude: 3800 m above sea level (standard elevation zero, NHN). • Fluctuations in nominal voltage:not greater than plus/minus 10% of the nominal voltage. 8 Safety functions The furnace is operated with a VITA vPad comfort or VITA vPad excellence and has the following safety and monitoring features: • automatic prevention of condensation in the firing chamber (VITA AntiCon) • automatic temperature adjustment to +/-1 °C every time a program is started (VITA AutoAdjust) • Automatic...

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VITA VACUMAT® 6000 M 9 Installation and first use 9.1 Installation location • • Install the device in a dry, heated room. The distance to the closest wall should be at least 25 cm (see also Section 7. Ambient conditions). When the temperature is below 15°C (e.g., after transport), leave the device to stand for approx. 30 minutes at room temperature before using it for the first time. Ensure that the surface where the device is installed is heat-resistant. The radiation and heating of the device is within a non-hazardous range. Nevertheless, heat sensitive surfaces of furniture and veneers...

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9.3 Status display The optical status display shows the following operating modes: • Green - device in standby operation • Blue - program active • Red - error Read the corresponding operating manual for the VITA vPad. 9.4 Fuses On the back of the device (see Section 9.2) there are two fuses for the device. The identification plates show information about the fuse ratings used in the device. Fuses with other ratings must not be used. 230 volt model T8 H250V 100/110 volt model: T15H250V The manufacturer is not liable for accidents to the user occurring when the device is open! Never operate...

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9.6 Connecting the device to the mains voltage A Important! Before first use, please read Section 6 Safety Information! For information about the connections, refer to Section 9.2 • Attach the connection cable to the VITA vPad control unit and the furnace. • Plug in the status display • Connect the vacuum pump, electrical connection and tubing connection. • Connect the device to the mains power supply using the mains power cable supplied. A Important! Avoid electrical multiway socket outlets with extensions, as there is a risk of fire with overload. • Switch on the device at the main...

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VITA VACUMAT® 6000 M 10 Cleaning the furnace Before each cleaning operation, remove the power supply plug! It is not necessary to clean the inside of the firing chamber. Cleaning the casing of the firing chamber at regular intervals with a damp cloth contributes to its operating safety. In all cleaning work, you must never use any detergents or flammable liquids. 10.1 Cleaning firing for the firing chamber Consult the operating manual of the VITA vPad for information about the cleaning firing. 10.2 Firing chamber insulation The firing chamber contains ceramic mineral fibers as insulation material...

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