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Composite materials catalog - 2

Composite materials are rightly called materials of the future. Currently, they are considered as the main class of restoration (filling) materials, widely used for direct and indirect restorations in therapeutic and aesthetic dentistry. For more than 25 years, the company "VladMiVa" producing dental products uses its own scientific developments that meet high standards of quality, reliability and safety. One of fhe promising areas, we consider the development of a wide range of restoration materials, combining which the dentist will be able to achieve optimal results in a particular...

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Composite materials catalog - 4

Universal microhybrid light-cured restoration material PURPOSE • aesthetic restoration and of premolars and molars l-V; • restoration of the stump of the tooth; • indirect restoration; • splinting. FEATURES The base of microhybrid composite «DentLight» is: FEATURES • high-strength polymeric matrix, containing Bis-GMA, UDMA,TEGDMAand otherolygomers • radiopaque nano-filler (80-85 wt.% or 62-65 vol.%) which is a combination of modified clusters barium-borium-alumino-silicate clusters (0.1-3 microns) and nano-sized silica (5-75 nm), which allows to achieve optimum results in combined...

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Composite materials catalog - 5

FOURTH TRANSPARENCY LEVEL Imitates inner layer of tooth dentine - the most opaque part of dentine. • Creates a rich tone • The most opaque layer • Restores vasodentine • Masks pigmented dentine • Prevents the translucence of the dentine • Used by all shades • Compatible with any composite material opaque opacr opaq opaqt^ dentine ntine itine ^antine opaque dentine Opaque dentine is produced 8 colors according to scale VITA: OA1, OA2, OA3, OA3,5 OBI, OB2, OB3, OC2 THIRD TRANSPARENCY LEVEL Dentine (D) Imitates outer layers of dentine - less opaque part of tooth dentine • Suitable for filling...

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Composite materials catalog - 6

FOURTH TRANSPARENCY LEVEL Optimal result when used opaque dentine is obtained by the following ratio: 1 /3 opaque dentine and 2/3 of dentine. OPAQUE DENTINE dentie tissues restore by 1 /3 of the volume of the cavity to the dentine-enamel boundary DENTINE enamel restore by 2/3 of the volume of the cavity of the dentine-enamel boundary palatal, vestibular, on the incisal edge THIRD TRANSPARENCY LEVEL Optimal esthetic result is obtained by the following ratio: 2/3 dentine m 1/3 enamel. DENTINE completely missing dentine tissues, enamel palatal wall, vestibular restore by 2/3 of the volume of...

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Composite materials catalog - 7

1. Color choice To choose the color use the standard scale of VITA firm production. 2. Preparation of cavity according to standard method 3. Protection of tooth tissues At filling of deep cavities on the area of dentine, being in a direct closeness to pulp, it is necessary to inflict medical material containing calcium hydroxide («Calcesil», «Calcelight») in combination with a glass-ionomer cement («Cemilight»,«CemiLine-LC»). 4. Etching gel On the prepared surface of tooth inflict an etching gel on 20-30 seconds. After expiration of time of treatment etching gel carefully wash off by water...

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Composite materials catalog - 8

UNIVERSAL SET 7 COLORS Mono system with similar opacity (7 shades) for a quick and easy restoration of anterior and posterior teeth. Opacity of any of the shades is intermediate between enamel and dentine of traditional composites. colors are according to the VITA scale «DentLighf» universal ep^v'nel C i end ,.el enamel of traditional composites Using different thicknesses of material different levels of opacity can be achieved. It's polished like a nano-hybrid material. CAPSULE PACKAGE:• easy to work with;• time saving; • individual portion for every client.

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Composite materials catalog - 10

PURPOSE • as lining by composite filling; • filling cavities of the 5th and 3d classes; • restoration of small defects of enamel (in occlusion areas outside load); • sealing of fissures; • splinting of mobile tooth with reinforced glass fiber; • preparation of small defects of ceramic and composite veneers; • esthetic corrections of composite restoration. FEATURES The flowable composite «DentLight»-flow is a low viscosity light-cured paste based on methacrylate oligomers and modified nano-filler. Composite paste is produced different colors according to VITA scale A2, A3, A3.5, B2, C2, OA3,...

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Composite materials catalog - 11

SERIES ((KALEIDOSCOPE)) THE MATERIAL FOR PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY PURPOSE • restoration of defects in natural tooth tissues; • fissure sealing; • fixation during splinting; • temporary increase in occlusion height; • fast replacement of the interdental space; • designation during filling of root canals. COMPOSITION AND FEATURES Flowable composite «DentLight»-flow is a low viscosity light-cured paste based on polymer binder and modified radiopaque nanofiller. Composite paste is available in transparent and different colors: white, orange, red, gold, green, blue. Universal in use in combination...

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Composite materials catalog - 12

DENTLIGHT-aquaMoistening agent PURPOSE Used for additional moisture of dentine before applying the hydrophilic adhesive systems. FEATURES Moistening agent «DentLight»-aqua is an aqueous solution of hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA), containing fluorinating additive and antiseptic (benzalkonium chloride). Antiseptic (benzalkonium chloride) has microbostatic and microbicidal effect on bacteria and Candida, eliminates possible sensitivity associated with bacterial contamination of the surface of the tooth. Aminofluoride - the most effective medium of fluoride ions, provides optimum fluoride...

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Composite materials catalog - 13

DENTLIGHTmodeling agent Modeling liquid PURPOSE For wetting contouring tools and art brushes in order to facilitate the work with highly filled composite materials. COMPOSITION AND FEATURES «DentLight» modeling agent is a light-cured composite, containing methacrylate oligomers, polymerization activators, stabilizers, nanofiller, does not contain a solvent. Material «DentLight» modeling agent helps to eliminate the stickiness of the uncured composite material to the tools used, which helps to improve the adaptation of highly filled composites to hard tooth tissues, as well as with the...

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