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VWR Gel documentation systems - 1

VWR® Basic VWR® Imager CHEMI Premium VWR® CHEMI only

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VWR Gel documentation systems - 2

Choose from the cost effective VWR® Basic system to the most advanced VWR® Imager CHEMI Premium for fluorescence and chemiluminescent imaging. The range includes models adapted to many different applications so you can choose the best solution for your work. View the potential configurations below. CHEMI only Imager CHEMI Premium UV light transillumination Blue light transillumination R/G/B and IR epi illumination UV light epi illumination White light epi illumination Converters (UV to white or blue light) Colorimetric gels (e.g. Coomassie, silver stains) Colony plates Slot blots...

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VWR Gel documentation systems - 3

VWR® Smart3/Smart3 EZ Quick and easy image capture The VWR® Smart3/Smart3 EZ gel documentation systems come with an integrated PC and large touch display. Icon-driven menus guide you through the various functions to capture, print and save images with one simple touch on the large screen. The sliding transilluminator offers easy access to your sample. The filter drawer, with interchangeable filters (optional), enables detection of a wide range of different fluorescent stains. The UV to white light converter screen enables imaging of conventional and colorimetric samples, including Coomassie...

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VWR Gel documentation systems - 4

VWR® CHEMI only can produce images of Western blots stained with chemiluminescence substrates, including: VisiGlo™ HRP chemiluminescent substrates ECL Western blotting substrates VWR® CHEMI only VWR CHEMI only Camera Technical specifications Image resolution Sensor/image depth Lens QE @ 425 nm Cooling Epi white light Use with external PC Cabinet Image viewing area VWR Image Capture Software VWR Gel Documentation Software 4 MP 16 bit (65,536 grayscales) Fixed, f/0,95 0,73 DT -57 °C Yes Optional PC-operated (PC sold separately) 11x8 cm Yes Yes (2 licenses) 37,4x47x46 cm Chemiluminescence...

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VWR Gel documentation systems - 5

VWR® Imager2 gel documentation systems can produce images of gels stained with many fluorescent and colorimetric dyes, including: • Coomassie Blue • Silver stain • Ethidium bromide • GelRed™ • GelGreen™ • EZ-VISION • peqGREEN • SYBR® Gold/Green/Safe • GelStar® • SYPRO® Red/Ruby/Orange • Fluorescein • Rhodamine Red™ • Texas Red® • Pro-Q® Diamond • Deep Purple™ • GFP VWR® Imager CHEMI Premium also offers imaging of: • Western blots • Chemiluminescence • Bioluminescence • Stain-free gels • Alexa Fluor® dyes • CF™ dyes • Cy® dyes We work with many more dyes than listed above, and as new dyes...

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VWR Gel documentation systems - 6

VWR® Image Capture Software An advanced image capture software package specifically developed to simply the process of capturing images. Every VWR Imager system includes VWR® Image Capture Software. This fully automatic package controls camera integration, exposure time, lens and capture options, as well as auto-focus configurations. A complete database of dyes and reagents at your fingertips. A comprehensive post-processing tool box allows the user to add text, lines, circles, shapes and arrows to the captured images. One button technology – a single button is all that is required to...

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VWR Gel documentation systems - 7

VWR® transilluminators All UV transilluminators slide out for easy access and offer homogeneous illumination for the best performance. Main features and choices • Safety cut-off (when in darkroom) • Slide out of darkroom for easy access and sample positioning • Different single and dual wavelengths available • Different filter sizes available Transilluminator Blue slim is small and less expensive. 10x12cm sample size. Transilluminator Blue is larger and works best with the VWR® Imager2 and VWR® Chemi Premium darkrooms. Plus can be used with the VWR® Basic as this is bench top unit Visible...

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VWR Gel documentation systems - 8

vwRbioMarke™ For Life Scientists OUR EXCLUSIVE PROGRAMME FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN Instrumentation for many techniques Consumables for cell culture, molecular biology and immunology Research reagents, biological buffers, standards, media and stains For more details contact your local VWR sales office. Austria VWR International GmbH Graumanngasse 7 1150 Vienna Tel.: +43 1 97 002 0 Fax: +43 1 97 002 600 Email: Belgium VWR International bvba Researchpark Haasrode 2020 Geldenaaksebaan 464 3001 Leuven Tel.: 016 385 011 Fax: 016 385 385 Email: Czech Republic VWR...

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