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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster


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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 1

Hitachi High Performance Liquid Chromatograph Hitachi High-Tech

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 2

Outstanding performance Easy-to-use Robustness HPLC for today and tomorrow Three critical components in HPLC: Performance, Functionality, and Reliability. For each component, we implement one fine improvement after another, giving birth to a new standard in HPLC. That’ s Chromaster. After putting solvent bottles on the organizer, please lift the handle located on the front side of the organizer.

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 3

[Chromaster] is a coined word combining Chromatograph and Master. It represents Hitachi’s vision of developing and providing a liquid chromatograph system that can make valuable contributions as a powerful tool for a skilled, “master” chromatographer. Outstanding performance After putting solvent bottles on the organizer, please lift the handle located on the front side of the organizer.

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 4

Outstanding performance Two performance capabilities supporting data reliability: the excellent reproducibility made possible by the pump and autosampler and the excellent stability of the column oven and detector. Pump Improved gradient performance and the excellent flow rate precision The Chromaster has a new low-pressure mode called High Frequent Mode (HFM), which utilizes a double switching function of proportioning valves. HFM and the Hitachi high speed realtime feedback control system, greatly suppress liquid pulsation for improved reproducibility of gradient and retention times....

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 5

Easy-to-use Beyond the simplicity of operation and ease of use, a critical requirement for HPLC is ease of maintenance. GUI controller Provides an attractive user interface and permits the operation of modules on a stand-alone basis. A specially designed cover for the spectrometer and a variable air-volume fan Reduced lamp stabilization time (Diode array detector) The GUI controller * 4 comprises a color LCD monitor and a touch-panel system for a pleasing appearance and ease of operation. All modules can be operated from the Controller. A variable air-volume fan for the diode array detector...

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 6

Robustness The Hitachi reputation for instrument robustness and reliability continues with the Chromaster, which is made using stronger materials and is manufactured with Hitachi's strict quality control standards. For long-term use The external covers are made of heat-resistance, chemical-tolerant, and UV irradiation-withstanding materials. The internal walls of the module are made with SUS material for the prevention of corrosion due to the humidity and the vaporization of solvents that prevail in the system. To minimize any adverse effect on the module in the event of solvent leakage,...

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 7

Introducing the Chromaster modules Fulfilling the customer’s needs. This goal underlies the data reliability and the ease of operation of the system. Intuitive operation based on an LCD touch panel. Consideration to details. True value of HPLC is here in the Chromaster. COLUMN OVEN

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 8

Improved gradient performance and excellent flow rate precision 5110/5160 Pump New low-pressure gradient mode High Frequent Mode (HFM) Pump options “HFM” refers to the mode that has the double switching function of the proportioning valve for solvent changes.The HFM mode combined with Hitachi’s proprietary real-time feedback method delivers low pulsation pumping, resulting in excellent gradient * 1 and retention time reproducibility without the use of mixers at 800 μL system delay volume * 2 Auto-purge valve (Pumps with or without Auto-purge valve are available) 6-channel degassing unit...

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 9

Excellent injection volume reproducibility and low carry-over 5210/5260 Autosampler Excellent injection volume reproducibility A new high-precision syringe drive unit has improved reproducibility in the syringe positions and the syringe measurement, resulting in a reproducibility of 0.2% RSD or less (with a 10 μL injection volume, using a cut injection method and under specified conditions). [Injection volume reproducibility data (cut injection method)] (n=10) Extremely low carry-over The first hurdle to be overcome in reducing the amount of carry-over is to create a structure by...

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 10

Adequate size with column compartment width of 375 mm 5310 Column Oven The photo is a column oven with a GUI controller (optional). Easily accommodates a 300 mm analytical column fitted with a guard-column The door, which opens in an L-shape pattern and with internal dimensions 375 mm wide and 114 mm high, facilitates the connection and stowing tasks for guard-column equipped column. The oven can accommodate up to three 300 mm columns. The column installation space, which has an air circulation system, permits easy mounting and detaching of columns. Column management system (optional)...

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 11

Excellent qualitative and quantitative analysis performance 5430 Diode Array Detector 5410 UV/5420 UV-VIS Detector 5430 Diode Array Detector Excellent qualitative analysis performance With a wide wavelength range of 190 nm to 900 nm, the 1,024-bit diode array in Chromaster Diode array detector delivers the world’s highest level of wavelength resolution. Low noise, low drift, and a high sensitivity detection The noise can achieve 0.5 10-5 AU *2 (or less), for improved sensitivity more than before. With a low drift of 1.0 10-4 AU / hr *3 (or less), these detectors deliver excellent baseline...

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 12

5440 Fluorescence Detector 5450 RI Detector Organizer Organizer capable of accommodating various solvent bottles The organizer can accept the simultaneous mounting of the following solvent bottles. High sensitivity with an S/N ratio of 900 or higher in water Raman The detector incorporates low-light loss optical systems featuring a three-dimensional optical axis layout optical design, Hitachi’s proprietary condensing mirrors, a slit flow cell , and an optimized transmission light monitoring method. This is a high-sensitivity fluorescence detector with an S/N ratio of 900 or higher (based on...

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The VWR Hitachi Chromaster - 13

Intuitive operation via unique touch panel GUI Controller The photo is a GUI controller fitted with a column oven. Feature of the GUI controller Wakeup (automatic pre-analysis tasks) and Sleep (automatic post-analysis tasks) programs The configuration comprising a color LCD monitor (5.7-inch color TFT display with LED back light) and a touch panel method makes for ease of viewing and simple operations. All modules can be controlled from this controller. Supports single/sequence run analyses as directed from the autosampler Up to 10 programs involving a timer function, pre-analysis tasks of...

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