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VWR ®Thermal Shakers - 1

VWR® THERMAL Rapid reliable heating Gentle and rapid shaking

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VWR ®Thermal Shakers - 2

VWR® THERMAL SHAKERS THERMAL SHAKERS Designed for use in applications needing consistent and precise results. Enhanced electronics and dual temperature sensors provide accurate, dependable temperature settings across the operating range. VWR® Cooling Thermal Shake Touch offers heating, cooling and shaking and is great for cell cultures, DNA, RNA, hybridisation and protein studies. VWR® Thermal Shake Touch for heating and shaking, ideal for cell cultures, DNA, RNA and protein studies. Although both units have a 10.9 cm colour LCD touch screen, they use little precious bench space. Even when...

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VWR ®Thermal Shakers - 3

COOLING THERMAL SHAKE TOUCH Typical applications: Cell cultures, DNA, RNA, hybridisation and protein studies. •• Rapid heating, cooling and high speed shaking Technical specifications Temperature range (°C) Ordering information •• Blocks must be ordered separately Speed accuracy Orbit Description Heating rate Cooling rate Above ambient: 2 - 3 °C/min Below ambient: 0,5 - 1,0 °C/min BOTH MODELS OFFER: •• •• •• Temperature ramp rate enables definition of heating and cooling rates in increments of 0,5 °C/min Blocks from Eppendorf® Thermomixer R® models can be accommodated N IST traceable...

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VWR ®Thermal Shakers - 4

Our exclusive programme for your success in Proteomics | Genomics | Cell Biology Life scientist? Are you on our mailing list for the VWRbioMarke magazine and other specialist publications? Including the ‘All You Need’ guides for Biobanking, Genomics and Proteomics? Sign up at VWR International GmbH Hilpertstraße 20a D - 64295 Darmstadt Freecall: 0800 702 00 07 Fax: 0180 570 22 22* Email: VWR International Sp. z o.o. Limbowa 5 80-175 Gdansk Tel.: 058 32 38 200 do 204 Fax. 058 32 38 205 E-mail: VWR International, Pty Ltd. Unit 1/31 Archimedes Place...

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