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Getting It Right – Optimum Hygiene and Maintenance Preparation of W&H dental transmission instruments and motors NOTES ON PREPARATION These hygiene and maintenance recommendations apply in particular to W&H transmission instruments and motors Transmission instruments and dental motors labelled with this symbol can be cleaned and disinfected in a thermo washer disinfector. Transmission instruments and dental motors labelled with this symbol are approved for the sterilization procedure recommended. General notes > Please note that transmission instruments must be cleaned and disinfected immediately after every treatment. > The use of protective clothing (tear-resistant gloves, goggles, mouth protection) is recommended. > Comply with the detailed information in the manufacturer›s operating instructions. > Use certified and tested disinfectants for W&H transmission instruments and motors and observe the corresponding dosage and reaction time. The disinfectant used must not contain chlorine. > Use clean, dry drive air. > W&H recommends the use of demineralized water. > Please see the detailed information at wh.com. CLEANING / DRYING If necessary, wipe-down disinfection Machine aning result Cle Can be cleaned internally with a spray approved by W&H (see wh.com/hygiene) DISINFECTION / DRYING wipe-down disinfection * The use of a manual process requires a standardized and reproducible cleaning process with confirmed efficacy in every case. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the thermo washer disinfector! Visual inspection Visual inspection Frequency of lubrication: > After every every internal cleaning > Before every sterilization > After 30 min of use or at least twice daily electric motors W&H recommends sterilization according to EN 13060. Please make sure that the load is dry after both cleaning and sterilization stages! ACCEPTANCE OF LOAD FREIGEBEN Further information at wh.com/hygiene W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH, Ignaz-Glaser-Straße 53, Postfach 1, 5111 Bürmoos, Austria, t + 43 6274 6236-0, f + 43 6274 6236-55, offic

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