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Implantmed - 1

Oral surgery and implantology Safe,   simple, flexible. NEW Respects your needs. Today and tomorrow.

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Implantmed - 2

For a stable implant »The combination of Implantmed and Osstell ISQ module ensures improved treatment safety for me and my patients. An important decision-making tool for open healing, immediate loading and immediate restoration.« Dr. Fred Bergmann, oral surgeon, Germany Stress-free healing The automatic thread cutter function supports you when inserting implants in hard bone. It prevents compression of the bone. Measurable stability Implant stability can be measured precisely with the W&H Osstell ISQ module, available as an accessory. Secure placement The automatic torque control...

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Implantmed - 3

For a simple work process Implantmed with new pump design! Implantmed impresses users with its intuitive user interface and simplifies your treatment process. With intuitive ease Colour touch screen with userfriendly menu guidance and glass surface for easy cleaning. MANAGE USER Concentration on the essentials The display shows the most important functions during treatment. Documentation of osseointegration The documentation function conveniently saves all values of the implant insertion on a USB stick. For the dental assistant The new pump design makes insertion of the coolant hose secure...

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Implantmed - 4

The new surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces with mini LED+ WS-75 L | 20:1 Specially designed for preparation of the implant site and implant insertion. The first choice for apical resection, osteotomy, sequestrotomy, bone modelling and bone smoothing and also for extraction of wisdom teeth. Specially designed to improve access in the premolar and molar region. Designed for osteotomy, sequestrotomy, germectomy, hemisection. Whether you are inserting an implant or extracting a wisdom tooth, you can be sure of optimum cooling and illumination of the treatment site. High-quality...

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Implantmed - 5

3 steps to your Implantmed Upgrade at any time – for today and tomorrow Wireless foot control for controlling multiple W&H devices, such as Implantmed and Piezomed. Ergonomic balance Optimal illumination at all stages of the work Sterile working Waterproof, AP-tested Can be combined with Piezomed Absolute freedom of movement Observe osseointegration Foot control Absolute freedom of movement With the wireless foot control you can select the optimum position in the work area without restrictions. This means complete safety in the treatment area. One for all Control the functions of the...

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Implantmed - 6

The solution for your implant workflow Osteotomy 6.2 Ncm for all bone qualities and 90 ml/min coolant to prevent necrosis. Threading Stress-free healing. It prevents compression of the bone. Implant insertion Controlled insertion of all types of implant with torque of up to 80 Ncm. Every single Implantmed stands for top quality, precision and safety. You can add perfectly matched accessories to your high-quality W&H product. Coolant hose > Precise fit > Save time for your dental assistants > Safety for your Implantmed Surgical trolley > Your W&H control units in one compact location >...

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Implantmed - 7

Technical data Scan the QR code with your mobile phone for more information about Implantmed Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Additional equipment and accessories shown are not included as standard. Type: Mains voltage: Permissible voltage fluctuation: Rated current: Maximum power consumption: Maximum power output: Maximum torque at motor: Motor speed range in the rated voltage range: Coolant flow volume at 100%: Dimensions in mm (height x width x depth): Foot control: Straight and contra-angle handpieces with mini LED+: Warranty: Made in AUSTRIA Manufacturer: W&H Dentalwerk...

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