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#whsterilization Now at your dealer or New Lina sterilizer the power of efficiency Usability outside Technology inside

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B type sterilizer, yet brilliant B type sterilizer for best performance. To prevent the transmission of infections, steam sterilization plays a significant role in the reprocessing of dental instruments. Thereby, efficiency and simplicity are crucial. The new generation of Lina sterilizers meet all these requirements and more: simple operation, ergonomic and functional design, appropriate sterilization cycles and upgradeable functions guarantee high efficiency leading to maximum results. Interrupting the chain of infection. B type sterilizer – for peace of mind on reprocessing and infection...

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Improved components Simplified work processes How may you benefit from the improved usability? Usability outside. The Lina sterilizer is characterised by an effortless handling, ergonomic and functional design. Ideal to simplify the sterilization process and thus to ensure an efficient workflow in your practice. Ease of use › The 3.5’’ touch screen display enables smooth operation. › The simplified user interface and menu structure support practices in all daily activities. Optimal sterilization programs › The Eco B sterilization program reprocesses 0.5 kg in 25 minutes. › Lina can...

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Technical concepts Realised visions How may you benefit from the advanced technology? Technolgy inside. Not only the outside, but also the technical expertise inside makes the difference. The Lina sterilizer is based on a sophisticated technical concept that offers futureoriented possibilities and significantly simplifies your workflow. Enhanced traceability › The documentation is automatically saved via a high-capacity USB stick. › The barcode label printer provides additional support on traceability thanks to the opportunity to link cycle, sterilization package and patient. › The cycle...

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Unique upgradeability Six steps to your customised sterilizer: Covering individual needs. Needs and requirements may change. Prepare yourself now: with the Activation Code system, additional functions can be activated to meet your changing practice needs and future requirements. Step 1 Purchase the Activation Code of your choice by your local approved dental supplier. Step 2 After you have received the related login code, go to Step 3 Enter this code along with serial number and model of your sterilizer. Step 4 Your individual, secure Activation Code is generated. Step 5...

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Complete reprocessing Appropriate accessories Sterilization, hygiene and maintenance are increasingly important in the dental practice. W&H offers best practice hygiene protocols as a complete solution for reprocessing your instruments and handpieces. W&H offers a wide range of accessories to optimise your workflow. Minor extras lead to major results. Work in the practice is easier and your team saves time. Barcode scanner Thermal washer disinfectors W&H Steri App Reversible rack The best rack for your load: › for 3 large and 2 standard trays or 3 cassettes › for 6 trays or 3 cassettes...

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Technical data Sterilization cycle Holding time (minutes): Total cycle duration (minutes) including complete drying: Automatic from Typical load Automatic from Typical load Automatic from Automatic from Lina 17 loads: Lina 22 loads: maximum 3.5–5.5(1) kg/typical 2 kg/maximum porous 0.5–1.5(2) kg maximum 4–6(3) kg/typical 2 kg/maximum porous 0.5–2(4) kg Test cycles: Items supplied with reversible rack, 3 aluminium trays, drain hose, tray holder, 8 GB USB stick, door opening tool, factory test Duration reported in the table refers to 3.5 kg. It is possible to sterilize up to 5.5 kg by drying...

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