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People have Priority Oral surgery & Implantology

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 2

PEOPLE HAVE PRIORITY Oral surgery & Implantology Company 4-5 Implantmed, Surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces, Elcomed Product overview 2 8-9 Surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces with generator, Prosthodontic screwdriver, Surgical saw handpieces Product overview 3 10-11 Piezomed, Piezomed instruments Implantmed 12-13 Surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces 14-15 Surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces with generator 18-19 Accessories for Implantmed, Elcomed, Piezomed 33 W&H Oral surgery & Implantology

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 3

Benefit from maximum precision. The stakes are high. We work with people. Backbone doesn't come from the stock exchange: W&H has been a family-owned company for generations. This is the origin of the spirit of innovation that develops devices such as Implantmed, Elcomed and Piezomed. The secret of our success: W&H has always placed people – regardless of whether they are partners, customers, patients or employees – in the centre. See for yourself – it's no longer a secret! We don't want to keep any secrets from you. People have Priority W&H at a glance > > > > Head office in Austria 980...

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 4

»The combination of Implantmed and Osstell ISQ module ensures improved treatment safety for me and my patients.« Your advantages at a glance > Intuitive user interface > New pump design > Ultra-short, powerful electric motor with 6.2 Ncm torque > Motor speed range: 200 up to 40,000 rpm > W&H Osstell ISQ module (available as an accessory) for a precise measurable implant stability > Automatic torque control: 5 up to 80 Ncm > Automatic thread cutter function > Electric motor with cable, thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable Dr. med. dent. Fred Bergmann, dentist specializing in oral...

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 5

»Ideal for Implantmed and Elcomed: precise and reliable!« Dr. Alexander Schatzdorfer, dentist with his own practice. »The prosthodontic screwdriver with torque control! It tightens the retaining screw to the perfect tightness.« Your advantages at a glance With and without mini LED+ > Fatigue-free working thanks to optimal ergonomics > Durable and robust due to high-quality stainless steel and scratch-resistant coating > Can be dismantled for thorough cleaning (except WI-75 E/KM) > Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable With mini LED+ > Work with daylight quality > Natural reproduction...

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 6

»Incredible - cuts through bone like butter.« Your advantages at a glance > Automatic instrument detection > Three individual operating modes »Power«, »Basic« and »Smooth« > Temporary 20% power increase thanks to boost function > Ideal illumination of the operating site through LED ring illumination > Efficient cooling thanks to spray opening close to the instrument’s working area > Handpiece with LED socket and cable, thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable Dr. Ulrich Furst, specialist in oral surgery. Piezomed More info on page 24 Instrument kit »Endo« for retrograde endodontics R1D,...

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 7

For a simple work process Safe, simple and flexible. Implantmed impresses users with its intuitive user interface and simplifies your treatment process. Every single Implantmed stands for top quality, precision and safety. Secure placement The automatic torque control guarantees the required security. It can be adjusted from 5 to 80 Ncm. Measurable stability Implant stability can be measured precisely with the W&H Osstell ISQ module, available as an accessory. With intuitive ease Colour touch screen with user‑friendly menu guidance and glass surface for easy cleaning. For the dental...

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 8

Surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces for Implantmed SI-1023, SI-1015, SI-1010 Specially designed for preparation of the implant site and implant insertion. The first choice for apical resection, osteotomy, sequestrotomy, bone modelling and bone smoothing and also for extraction of wisdom teeth. Fatigue-free and flexible operation Durable, ergonomic and robust. Whether you are inserting an implant or extracting a wisdom tooth, you can be sure of optimum cooling and illumination of the treatment site. High-quality stainless steel with a scratch-resistant coating makes the surgical...

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 9

Number 1 in the operating theatre Safe, reliable, powerful. The W&H Elcomed has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of maxillofacial surgery, dental surgery and implantology. Everything at a glance Revolutions per minute, torque and selected coolant flow rate all at one user level. Complete documentation Every step of the treatment is saved to a USB flash drive. The data is accessible at any time. Automatic thread cutter function Prevents excessive bone compression while screwing in the implant. Convenient foot control The multifunctional foot control allows sterile working...

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 10

Clear, bright and wide field of view. Excellent lighting conditions facilitate accurate diagnoses and perfect treatment results. The surgical straight and contra-angle handpieces with mini LED+ produce light independently. An integrated generator supplies the LED in the instruments with power. WS-75 (without light) WS-75 L G (with mini LED+) Models specially designed for implantation. WS-56, WS-92 (without light), WS-56 L G, WS-92 L G (with mini LED+) These models are outstanding for difficult surgical procedures. WS-91 (without light) WS-91 L G (with mini LED+) The 45° angle allows...

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Oral surgery & Implantology - 11

Prosthodontic screwdriver For precise torque control Practical, fast and no risk. The single-handed operation means the cordless prosthodontic screwdriver is fast and, most importantly, safe and provides the best possible view of the treatment site. Precise torque control Adjustable from 8 to 40 Ncm in 1 Ncm steps. This allows precise, risk-free tightening of retaining screws. Key pad Activate the prosthodontic screwdriver with the key pad. Cordless operation No obstacles for your prosthodontic screwdriver with modern Li-Ion battery technology. Small head for a clear view Nothing blocks...

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