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A perfect sealing process Express packaging It is not easy to keep a product sterile. Only an absolute hermetic and strong protection of the sterile goods against environmental influences guarantees permanent sterility. Patented double-roll holder The patented double-roll holder takes a wide range of widths. Perfect quality seals The foil sealer creates a 12 mm wide seal in just two seconds with no risk of burning the sterilization package. Convenient and user-friendly Handling is optimized with the transparent sealing unit and the integrated work surface. Hermetic seal The sealing...

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Safe and secure packaging With SealVal2, thermal sealing is now more than just sealing. The device monitors, saves and displays the data and results of the sealing process for validation. The thermal sealing and cutting of rolls and sterilization packages of laminated paper/polypropylene or other thermo-sealable material can be done easily and secure. Pre-set and customizable Sealing programs are available for the individual process.

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Regular checks and verification lead to best possible results. The Seal Check serves exactly this purpose: verify and check the quality of the seal performed by W&H sealing devices. The routine tests support the practice to keep a high standard in the sealing process. Seal Check For validation of the closure security of sealed goods in sterilization packages. Possible air leaks are monitored in order to ensure the best result in terms of sterility preservation. Easy to use and integrated into the daily routine. Technical data Seal2 and SealVal2 were designed, certified and validated with...

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Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Additional equipment and accessories shown are not included as standard. W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH Ignaz-Glaser-Straße 53, Postfach 1 5111 Bürmoos, Austria t +43 6274 6236-0 f +43 6274 6236-55 office@wh.com wh.com W&H Sterilization Srl. Via Bolgara, 2 24060 Brusaporto (BG), Italy t +39 035-66 63 000 f +39 035-50 96 988 office.sterilization@wh.com wh.com

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