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PEOPLE HAVE PRIORITY PEOPLE HAVE PRIORITY Oral surgery & Implantology Piezo technology Greatvariety piezzomed

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The new force in bone surgery Oral surgery with Piezo technology facilitates the surgeon’s work: thanks to innovative ultrasound technology only bone substance is resected. The surrounding soft tissue remains uninjured. Automatic instrument detection Piezomed detects the inserted instrument and protects it against overloading. Innovative LED ring The shadow-free light ensures ideal illumination of the operating site. Fine tooth design The specialised fine tooth saw for fine cuts with little bone loss. Special boost function The boost function can be used to increase the set basic power by...

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Automatic instrument detection A world first: as soon as an instrument is inserted, Piezomed automatically detects the instrument and assigns it to the correct power class. Automatic instrument detection Piezomed detects the instrument during insertion and sets the correct power class automatically. Every instrument in its place Clearly arranged and ready-to-use in practical instrument holders. New tooth design Fine-toothed saw for fine cuts, with little bone loss when harvesting bone blocks. Individual performance setting The power can be changed manually within the detected power class....

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Piezomed adapts to your style of working Piezomed adapts to your personal way of working: The device saves your last selected settings and supports you with three individual operating modes: »Power«, »Basic« and »Smooth«. In addition, with its range of innovative instruments, W&H offers you the right instrument for every application. Cooling right where it is needed The spray exits near the instrument‘s area of activity for constant irrigation and cooling. Practical foot control The multifunctional foot control allows sterile working and optimal freedom for your hands. »Power« operating...

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Wireless foot control for controlling multiple W&H devices, such as Implantmed and Piezomed. Freedom of movement With the wireless foot control you can select the optimum position in the work area without restrictions. No cables – no tangling – no mess. One for all Control the functions of the Implantmed and Piezomed with only one foot control. »Incredible easy to use in between the Implantmed and the Piezomed.« Prof. Dr. José Luis Calvo Guirado D.D.S, PhD,Eu PhD, M.S., oral surgeon, Spain

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Surgical procedures have never been as quick and safe Piezomed puts all the advantages of innovative ultrasound technology at your fingertips: High-frequency microvibrations allow cutting with incredible precision. In addition, with the so-called cavitation effect you can also ensure an almost blood‑free surgical site. Bone block harvesting Ideal for the transplantation of intraoral bone blocks. New special instrument For bone preparation and augmentation. Extraction with periotome Even in complicated extractions, it is possible to avoid bone and soft tissue damage. Alveolar ridge splitting...

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on Piezomed Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Additional equipment and accessories shown are not included as standard. C€ 0297 Type: SA-320

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