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Now at your dealer or The new generation of rotary polishing LatchShort Polishing System

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Perfect harmony The Proxeo Twist LatchShort Polishing System is a particularly smart solution for Prophy polishing: The small head with the optimally matched Prophy Cups significantly reduces the working height. You gain as much as four millimetres compared to standard latch systems. Access all areas The molar region is more easily accessed from a distal to a mesial direction. Smaller. Finer. Innovative: The combination of the slender W&H Proxeo Twist LatchShort contra-angle handpiece with its small head and the Prophy Cups with a shorter shaft make access easy, particularly in narrow areas...

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Inspired by Prophy professionals One-stop shop In addition to the Proxeo Twist contraangle handpiece, W&H is now also offering Prophy Cups and Brushes. They were designed in consultation with Prophy users. Great emphasis was placed on features such as optimal adaptation, simple paste pickup and distribution as well as gentle cleaning up into the sulcus. The new Proxeo Twist LatchShort Prophy Cups in various hardness levels and Brushes are now available for optimal removal of biofilm and discolouration. All Proxeo Twist LatchShort Prophy Cups have a shorter shaft for an even lower working...

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Irresistible advantages for rotary polishing Maximum protection and comfort Slimmer. Finer. Innovative. The new Proxeo Twist LatchShort Polishing System with a working height that is up to 4 mm shorter thanks to the Proxeo Twist Prophy Cups and Brushes: for better access, more space and an optimal view of the treatment area. Slim and flexible The contra-angle handpiece easily fits into the hand with its ergonomic design and slim neck. The combination with the W&H EM-12 L electric motor adds to its ergonomic properties. Hygiene The smooth exterior design makes the sterilizable and thermo...

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Melanie Ruckenthaler W&H product manager »The best of both worlds: the unique combination of a low working height and convenient push-button chuck system combines the advantages of screw and latch systems: easier access, better view and maximum comfort on the one hand and the ease of changing polishing Cups and Brushes on the other.« Monika Riedl dental hygienist, Munich #NIWOP: The systematic and evidence-based workflow W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH Ignaz-Glaser-Straße 53, Postfach 1 5111 Bürmoos, Austria t +43 6274 6236-0 f +43 6274 6236-55 Implantology without...

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