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#whdentalwerk video.wh.com Now at your dealer or wh.com cleaning & disinfection

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Teon Next step for reprocessing Teon + The best approach for reprocessing The new Teon is a highly efficient thermal washer disinfector. Thanks to its dedicated programs it offers the best cleaning and disinfection for your dental practice. Teon improves the job organization of your hygiene room, reduces the reprocessing time and increases the protection against cross contamination. Teon +, the premium W&H thermal washer disinfector, ensures the most demanding clinics an excellent automatic cleaning system for instruments. Teon + offers full traceability to meet current regulatory...

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High standard for cleaning and reprocessing Large selection of accessories High chamber capacity Smooth surface and modern design The thermal washer disinfectors are distinguished by their high-quality performance and thus ensure a successful, holistic cleaning process for dental instruments. Thanks to their modern, elegant design, they can be perfectly integrated into your reprocessing room. Cleaning of the hollow body Traceability and connectivity through Ethernet module High cleaning performance Reliability thanks to heater elements outside the wash and gapless chamber Gentle on material...

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Complete and versatile Reprocessing can be as simple and efficient: with the optimum equipment accessories. includes the perfect range of basic equipment. complemented by an additional equipment perfectly and particularly suitable for handpieces. 1 – Upper basket Flexible for inserts and height adjustable. 2 – Insert Intended for different instruments and for flexible use. 3 – Lower basket For holding mesh trays as well as various inserts. 4 – Insert For accommodating various instruments and insertable for upper and lower basket. 6 5 – Insert Different compartmends for optimum loading of...

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Technical data Type: Power supply: Space required for installation (w × h × d): 598 × 835 × 1.200 mm (in total with opened-door) Weight (empty): HEPA filter: Cold water connection: Demineralized water connection: Auto-close – automatic door lock: No. of integrated dispenser pumps for liquid products: In-door dosing device for rinse: Salt tank – front door access: Cycle time*: 74’ including active air-drying 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive EN 61326-1 Electromagnetic compatibility W&H Sterilization Srl. Via Bolgara, 2 24060 Brusaporto (BG), Italy t +39 035-66 63 000 f +39 035-50 96 988...

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