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Turbines that meet the highest demands High-end technology for excellent preparation results: Both of the Synea turbine lines are characterised by high performance, optimal ergonomics and outstanding value for money. Synea Vision is symbolic of innovations such as the sterilizable 5x Ring LED+ and Synea Fusion promises top quality combined with unbeatable cost-efficiency. See better Optimal contrast and natural illumination with maximal colour rendering with LED+. Optimum cooling Thanks to the 4x or 5x spray, the bur tip is optimally cooled in every application position. Patented hygienic...

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Synea Vision: The dream that has become reality Synea Vision: Power turbine TK-100 L and microturbine TK-94 L The world’s first sterilizable turbine handpieces with 5x Ring LED+ not only amaze with their shadowless illumination, but prove to be turbines of the highest quality in all other respects too. Discover a completely new working experience – with absolutely no shadows. The TK-100 L is the power turbine with absolutely no shadows. It offers extra high performance without undesirable side effects such as high wear and tear or air escaping from the head of the turbine. With its extra...

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User experiences syneavisi0N Synea Vision: Technical data Dr. med.dent. Martin Schiffl Salzburg, Austria »The innovative lighting concept of the W&H turbine with 5x Ring LED+ ensures full light intensity at the treatment point even under difficult conditions.« Types with integrated ceramic ball bearings: Light: CRI (LED version): Colour temperature: (LED version): Luminous flux (lumens): Illuminating power: Coupling: Head size: Head height: LED+ / compact glass rod > 90 5,500 K 6.0 / 4.0** 25,000 lux 1 Roto Quick 2 Multiflex®*** 0 9 mm 17.2 mm (with bur 16 mm) Ring LED+ / compact glass rod...

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Synea turbines with maximum efficiency User comfort with no compromises and top performance combined with outstanding cost-efficiency: Discover the advantages of the new Synea Fusion line! Synea Fusion: Technical data Further advantages at a glance Outstanding ergonomics Low weight Especially quiet rotor Low-noise operation Ceramic ball bearings Hygienic head system Long service life Quality made in Austria Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable Colour temperature (LED version): 5,500 K 5,500 K Luminous flux (lumens): 6.0 / 6.0 / 4.0** / depending on coupling / - 6.0 / 6.0 / 4.0** /...

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Sterilization in record time Instruments Straight and contraangle handpiece Turbines Lisa Mobile App Traceability Maintenance at the press of a button The validation of the cleaning process is confirmed by expert opinion and can be viewed at wh.com. Internal cleaning of spray channels and transmission parts External cleaning Lubrication Assistina TWIN 0 min Wipe disinfection Disinfect the instruments before cleaning and servicing by wiping them. Cleaning and care The Assistina 3x3 cleans and services three instruments inside and outside in just 6 minutes. Water treatment Lisa / Lina...

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W&H Dentalwerk Burmoos GmbH Ignaz-Glaser-StraBe 53, Postfach 1 5111 Burmoos, Austria t +43 6274 6236-0 f +43 6274 6236-55 office@wh.com wh.com 20392 AEN Rev. 010 / 31.01.2019 Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Additional equipment Subject to alterations and accessories shown are not included as standard.

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