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Workflow NIWOP NIWOP: The systematic and evidence-...

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Implantology without Periodontology is like Yin without Yang. w idence rkflo -based wo #niwop

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No Implantology without Periodontology – NIWOP Optimal periodontal conditions for successful implantation Determining risks – providing periodontal treatment Some things do belong together: just as Yin needs the Yang, implantology needs periodontology. W&H presents »No Implantology without Periodontology«, NIWOP for short, a systematic and evidence-based workflow for a sound and healthy tissue situation around the implant. Periodontitis is a key risk factor for peri-implant inflammation. This means untreated periodontitis patients have an increased risk of peri-implant inflammation through...

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Stability measurement Proactive implants Stability measurement and bone surgery If the patient has received good preventive treatment and where necessary has received preliminary periodontal treatment, implant care can be planned. A suboptimal implant-supported prosthetic increases the likelihood of biofilm forming (16). In order to avoid this, the correct implant position, sufficient distances from adjacent teeth and an ideal axial alignment should be taken into account during the planning phase. Once the implant that has been screwed into its final position, the primary stability can...

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Peri-implant aftercare Treating periimplantitis Experts recommend treatment immediately after the initial occurrence of symptoms of inflammation to avoid periimplant bone loss from the start (23). Mucositis occurs in almost half of all implants, and since patients often have several implants it occurs in a high percentage of patients (24). Peri-implant bone loss can develop even if good preventative care is provided, for example if the patient’s oral hygiene is not sufficient. Most minimal defects should be treated in a non-surgical manner using peri-implant debridement (29). Mechanical...

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Bibliography Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Additional equipment and accessories are not included with the item. W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH Ignaz-Glaser-Straße 53, Postfach 1 5111 Bürmoos, Austria t + 43 6274 6236-0 f + 43 6274 6236-55 20478 AEN Rev. 001 / 01.08.2018 Subject to alterations

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