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These are the decorations on the child size cuff, which is shown smaller than actual size. Decorations for the infant size cuff are The actual color of both the child and infant cuffs is medium blue. World Standard The Decorated Calibrated® V-Lok® Cuff Our Decorated cuffs are made of the same quality materials as our standard cuff. Familiar figures of animals and toys have been added in the hope that they may diminish a child's anxiety and confusion during part of a physical exam. As with all Baumanometer® Calibrated® V-Lok® Cuffs our Decorated Cuffs feature: •The Calibrated® V-Lok® system which immediately and clearly indicates whether or not the correct size is being used. • Genuine Velcro® hook and loop fasteners which are precisely positioned and evenly matched in holding strength to provide the optimal number of open-close • Cuffs that clearly indicate the center of the bladder on the inner and outer surfaces for ease of application on either right or left limb. • The cuff material is a tightly woven, urethane coated, heat set, Dacron™ polyester fabric. • The design, materials and high quality workmanship 1871D Child Decorated Calibrated® V-Lok® Cuff 1872D Infant Decorated Calibrated® V-Lok® Cuff 1881D Child Complete Cuff and Bladder 1882D Infant Complete Cuff and Bladder 1821D Child Complete Inflation System 1822D Infant Complete Inflation System Latex-free Decorated items can be ordered by adding NLto the appropriate catalog number, i.e. 1881DNL Since 1916 Originator and Maker of Accurate Blood Pressure Apparatus Exclusively

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