The Mylar® Clad Calibrated Cartridge Tub


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World Standard Calibrated Cartridge Tube The Baum Calibrated Tube is an integral part of every instrument we manufacture. It is made of glass because it allows us to produce a tube that is optically clear, smooth, easy to clean, dimensionally stable and has very little affinity for mercury. Since February of 1995 all of our glass cartridge tubes have been enhanced by a new process which involves the application (using heat and pressure) of several layers of very strong and crystal clear Mylar® film which strengthen the tube and maintain its structural integrity even if the inner glass is broken. The bore of our tube is 5 mm which is 25% greater than required by Federal Specifications; this pre- vents separation of mercury which, in small bore tubes, causes erroneous readings. Ceramic graduation marks are fused to the glass for permanence and the entire tube is carefully annealed to eliminate both longitudinal The ends of the tube are flame glazed to prevent chipping. Tooled collars fit precisely in tube The Baum Calibrated Cartridge Tube - a World Standard in every detail. Since 1916 Originator and Maker of Accurate Blood Pressure Apparatus Exclusively

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Repair Parts Mylar® Clad Calibrated Cartridge Tubes: Made to fit Baumanometer'" blood pressure instruments. 2100 260 mmHg fits Kompak, Hi/Lo® and Rx Models 2200 300 mmHg fits Standby® Model 2300 300 mmHg fits Desk Model, Panel Wall Model Baumanometer® Guarantee: Every Baumanometer® instrument is a precisely calibrated true gravity manometer. It is guaranteed to be and to remain scientifically accurate. The entire apparatus is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material for a period of one year from date of purchase. We guarantee the free replacement of the calibrated cartridge...

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