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Apple-Hunt Secondary Cannula®


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Apple-Hunt Secondary Cannula® - 1

Apple-Hunt Secondary Cannulas • Uninhibited Abdominal Access No bulky external valves, fittings or housings • Accepts 3 mm Instruments Without reducers • Easy Passage of Instruments • No Glare, No Reflection Laser reflection is eliminated with specially designed sleeve color and finish • Increased Instrument Maneuverability Short, low internal and external profile design • Two Tip Styles Choice of Pyramidal or Conical steel tips Conical Tip • Hold Instruments in Place Airtight seal clears operative field, holds instruments securely, permitting hands-free exchanges without loss of pneumope

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Apple-Hunt Secondary Cannula® - 2

Apple-Hunt Secondary Cannulas Smooth Cannula/Trocar Transition Designed for easier sleeve insertion and to lessen the risk of patient injury Suturing Through Cannula Design permits suturing through the cannula Cannula Anchors Securely to Patient Specially designed, clinically proven fascia-anchoring threads hold cannula securely in place, regardless of number of instrument exchanges Easy to Work With Ergonomic design of trocar palm piece makes device easy to handle, convenient to use 5 mm Apple-Hunt Cannula / Trocar Number 5 mm Apple-Hunt Secondary Cannula/Pyramidal Tip Trocar (5/Box) 5 mm...

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