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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 1

Premier Products for Women's Health CareClinic and Practice-Based Products Contraception Hysteroscopy Endometrial Ablation Urodynamics Colposcopy Gynecological Specialty Instruments Endometrial Samplers LEEP Cervical Cryosurgery Ophthalmic Cryosurgery Pessaries Obstetrical Care Fertility and Family Planning General Examination: Diagnostic Disposables Sono HSG

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 2

Delivering on the Promise to Help Clinicians Provide Better Health Care for Women Our mission is to enable physicians to provide increasingly more efficient and effective health care for women. We leverage our expertise in identifying and developing a steady stream of exceptional products that keep Ob/Gyns and others directly involved in caring for women, at the forefront of women’s health care. An Expansive Portfolio of Trusted Brands And Services Since our founding in 1990, CooperSurgical has researched, developed and manufactured a wide range of trusted brands that have advanced the...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 3

About CooperSurgical Creating Opportunities to Grow Your Practice Traditionally, the Ob/Gyn only served as a woman’s primary care physician during the reproductive years. Today, this trend is changing as clinicians expand their service offerings to include screening for and treatment of osteoporosis, diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence, as well as correction of abnormal uterine bleeding. By extending the relationship between clinician and patient, CooperSurgical is creating opportunities for physicians to grow their practice. CooperSurgical instruments are engineered for optimal...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 4

CooperSurgical Brands Clinic and Practice-Based Brands At CooperSurgical, we develop and market innovative solutions for Ob/Gyn procedures. Within this catalog, you will find an extensive range of instruments and devices that can be used in your practice to improve patient care. PIPELLE' paracakd'J endeeee* intrauterine copper contraceptive office hysteroscoPy Air Bubble Based Infuser Select Medical Systems Qbbl ClearTone® tECISION™ frig'frOn'CS® Fischer Cone Biopsy Excisor* In addition to Ob/Gyn clinic and practice-based products, we provide an array of high-quality devices that can be...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 5

Table of Contents: Table of Contents CooperSurgical’s World Headquarters Trumbull, Connecticut, USA CooperSurgical established a new world headquarters in a three-building, 214,000 square foot campus in January of 2010. The move was designed to satisfy the need for additional manufacturing and product design space and increased staff. In addition to housing CooperSurgical’s main manufacturing facility, the complex serves as our primary distribution center. The company also has specialized manufacturing capabilities in Pasadena, CA, and Stafford, TX, as well as in Berlin and Tuttlingen,...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 6

ContraceptionParagard*,-intrauterine copper contraceptive 100% Hormone Free Birth Control Ask Her If She Wants a Birth Control That's Hormone Free Paragard® (intrauterine copper contraceptive) is the only highly effective, reversible birth control that is completely hormone free.1 Paragard is a copper-releasing device (IUD) that is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years. Paragard is FDA approved for over 30 years and has been used by millions of women. • 100% hormone free • 94% patient satisfaction with bleeding and cramping*2 • Removable whenever she decides5 • >99%...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 7

Contraception PARAGARD® Intrauterine Copper Contraceptive Actual Size: Paragard is intended for intrauterine contraception for up to 10 years. Important Safety Information • aragard must not be used by women who have acute pelvic inflammatory disease (PID); have had a P postpregnancy or postabortion uterine infection in the past 3 months; have cancer of the uterus or cervix; have an infection of the cervix; have an allergy to any component; or have Wilson's disease. I • f a woman misses her period, she must be promptly evaluated for pregnancy. • ossible serious complications that have been...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 8

Office Hysteroscopy A Truly Innovative Way to Perform Diagnostic Office Hysteroscopy in Any Room, at Any Site Endosee Features Include: • All-in-one, handheld, portable, cordless system • Simple and quick to set up, needs only minimal staff training • Still image and video capture • Lightweight reusable handset • Channel for fluid infusion • Single-use, flexible, thin (<5mm) sterile cannula • Dock for battery charge and data transfer • ew camera and light source every time so there’s no N degradation in visualization • Bright, 3.5-inch touch-screen color LCD • Rechargeable battery lasts...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 9

Endosee® hysteroscopy simplifies: portability setup space cost visualization everything Office Hysteroscopy Endosee® Blind Biopsy Sensitivity for Diagnosing Myomas1 Blind Biopsy 13% Hysteroscopy Sensitivity for Diagnosing Hyperplasia1 Blind Biopsy 25% Hysteroscopy Endosee Number Description Includes handset, docking station, AC adapter, USB cable ESDX5 EndoseeDxCannula - Disposable, single-use, sterile diagnostic cannula (Box of 5) Optional Accessories Number Description ESSYR 50mL Syringe, sterile (40/Case) ESTUB Standard Bore Extension Tubing 30 in (Sterile 100 per case) To place an...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 10

Urodynamics Lumax TS Pro System ™ Diagnose Urinary Incontinence Accurately and Quickly CooperSurgical’s Lumax TS Pro Fiberoptic Cystometry System is the leading multichannel office urodynamic system for diagnosing female urinary incontinence. This state-of-the-art urodynamic system is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the busy Ob/Gyn practice. Its intuitive software and touch screen interface facilitate patient studies, while using the patented fiberoptic Lumax catheters ensures accurate results. Lumax TS Pro 1 option Package L umax TS Pro Elite System includes: TS Pro Software, Laptop...

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Clinic and Practice-Based Products Catalog - 11

High-tech, Built-in Transducer Simplifies Pressure Sensing The Lumax TS Pro System performs a complete differential diagnosis of lower urinary tract dysfunction including uroflowmetry, cystometry, urethral pressure profile, leak point pressures, pressure flow studies and electromyography. Lumax Fiberoptic Catheters simplify and speed up these procedures, providing highly accurate bladder and abdominal pressure measurements. 1. Light generated by the Lumax system travels through an optical fiber Urodynamics Lumax TS Pro™ System 2. Diaphragm depresses when pressure is exerted, occluding a...

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