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Critical Care Products Catalog - 1

TRAKE-fitWarmer Esophageal Balloon Catheter Set cc Critical Care Products Neonatal Care Adult Care

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Critical Care Products Catalog - 2

Safe, Effective Solutions for Critical Care Patients The CooperSurgical products featured in this catalog are used in a variety of clinical settings to quickly stabilize patients in critical situations. Our portfolio of Critical Care products includes tubes and tube holders, catheters, balloon catheters and cannulae designed for people of all ages – from newborns to adults. On the following pages of this catalog, you will find a wide range of high-quality instruments that will provide reliable, safe and effective results for improved patient outcomes. This catalog is one of four catalogs...

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Critical Care Products Catalog - 3

Neonatal Care INCA® Infant Nasal CPAP Assembly The Clear Choice for Neonatal Nasal CPAP INCA Infant Nasal CPAP Assembly is the most respected Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device among clinicians. INCA affords all the benefits of CPAP/Bubble CPAP for newborns in your care. Features enhanced precision fit for neonates: • Five anatomically proportional nasal cannula sizes for neonates • Clear, extra-soft tubing provides custom shaping and maximal stability • Chin strap is available to help prevent air leakage around the mouth • Available in Complete and Replacement Sets INCA...

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Critical Care Products Catalog - 4

Neonatal Care Facilitates Endotracheal Tube Management The NEO-fit provides quick, secure endotracheal tube stabilization. Designed to firmly grip a Neonatal endotracheal tube, NEO-fit utilizes metal clips to mechanically grip the soft material of the tube. The device is positioned on baby's face using a hydrocolloid adhesive that is hypoallergenic and Hook / Loop strap that allows for rapid release and readjustment of the tube. MRI Conditional. Number Description 42-2540 NEO-Fit Neonatal Endotracheal Tube Grip Set (20/Box) Each Set includes: (1) plastic tube grip, with hook/loop strap, (2)...

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Critical Care Products Catalog - 5

Adult Care COMFIT is a reliable, tapeless solution used to secure endotracheal tubes and better manage patient airways. Physicians appreciate COMFIT's compliance with Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Guidelines that recommend endotracheal tube stabilization devices as a substitute for tape. For patients, COMFIT provides a comfortable fit without the skin irritation that tape can cause. • Significantly decreases the incidence of self-extubation1 • Wide cotton-lined neckband minimizes skin irritation, providing maximum patient comfort • No tape on the tube or the patient • Completely...

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Critical Care Products Catalog - 6

Esophageal Balloon Catheter Set Adult Care Tracheostomy Tube Holder For Maximum Patient Comfort • Available in single- or double-collar sets • Installs in seconds, remains secure • Maximum comfort with cotton-lined neckband • No adhesive, no narrow tape • Completely adjustable • Narrow tabs available for pediatric and small adult use • Third-party reimbursable Number Description Each Set includes: (2) neckbands, (2) wide hook/loop tabs 43-1851 Single Collar Set (25/Box) Each Set includes: (1) neckband, (2) wide hook/loop tabs 43-1862 Double Collar/Narrow Tab Set (25/Box) Each Set includes:...

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Critical Care Products Catalog - 7

Warranty Information Returned Goods Policy CooperSurgical, Inc. (“CooperSurgical”) warrants that its products offered in this catalog, other than single patient use products and consumables, will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. 1. Goods will be accepted for return for the following reasons: • If shipment was made without Customer’s authorization or order • If incorrect items were shipped • If defective items were shipped • If defective goods are covered by the standard warranty CooperSurgical warrants that its single patient use...

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