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In-Office Cryosurgical Systems Offer Fast Freeze and Precise Control WITH A LARGE SELECTION OF CRYOTIPS Wallach LL100™ System (N2O) Wallach’s exclusive two-trigger cryosurgical system performs freeze and defrost in less time than passive defrost systems. The physician has ultimate control with the LL100’s two-trigger design because it allows for freeze and defrost only when triggered. A wide selection of highly conductive, thermal and reusable cryotips can be changed at any time without venting. • ightweight, well-balanced and maneuverable L in-office system • rovides full view of the target tissue for cryoablation P • hoose from 23 autoclavable cryotips with disposable C plastic shields When ordering the LL100 or LLCO2 systems, receive additional savings by including any three cryotips as part of our three tip package special. Wallach recommends the T-1905, T-2514, and T-0500 for GYN procedures and T-0524, T-0219, and T-1900 for general/family practice procedures. Single-Trigger Design is Optimized for CO2 Gas For those physicians who prefer a CO2 system, Wallach offers the LLCO2™ single-trigger cryosurgical system. The system maximizes temperature for ablation while minimizing the clogging and sputtering commonly associated wi

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Cryosurgery - 2

Cryosurgical Tips for Use with LL100™ and LLCO2™ LL100 Cryosurgical System – N2O (Freezer Only) LLCO2 Cryosurgical System – CO2 (Freezer Only) Highly conductive, thermal, reusable, sterilizable cryotips with disposable plastic shields. Disposable Plastic Shields for Cryotips (Bag of 100) 900221AA WA1000B™ Cryo Console System Uses LL100™ two-trigger or LLCO2™ single-trigger freezers • igh-performance features and easy-to-use controls H • emperature Indicator with integrated timer for precise documentation T • art carries a single 20 lb. cylinder C • se with Wallach’s large selection of...

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