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ENDOMETRIAL SAMPLING WITH SIMPLICITY, SAFETY AND ECONOMY DISPOSABLE ENDOMETRIAL CELL SAMPLER The Wallach Endocell offers simplicity, safety and economy to the screening process for endometrial carcinoma and precancerous conditions. Using manual suction, it extracts a histological sample from the uterine mucosal lining in seconds. It is also an excellent monitor for the effects of hormonal therapy and a valuable diagnostic tool for fertility problems and uterine pathogens. It can be utilized for endometrial biopsy, suction type (code 58100) This thin, flexible disposable device can be used with confidence, avoiding patient discomfort, tissue abrasion, bleeding and the intimidating D & C procedure. In most cases, cervical dilation is unnecessary. Wallach's pliable polypropylene sheath permits easy entry into the uterine canal (sounding marks are provided for reference) and better adher- ence to the curved canal itself. Wallach's unique one-piece plunger mechanism features an elastomeric seal design for enhanced vacuum and a ridged, contoured finger grip for control. The Endocell is sterile and individually packaged. The favorable economics of Endocell benefits both physician and patient, and its simplicity enables all practitioners to perform the endometrial screening procedure. If you regularly perform Pap tests with a Wallach Papette dispos- able cervical cell sampler, you can perform an endometrial sampling with Endocell. Endocell will expand your practice and give your patients the benefit of early detection in the fight against cancer of the uterus. ■ Moldability permits easy insertion into a markedly anteverted or retroverted uterus ■ Ease-of-use for endometrial screening ■ Simple, non-traumatic procedure ■ Less discomfort, bleeding, tissue abrasion than D & C method ■ Manually-generated suction provided by elastomeric seal piston plunger ■ Ridged, contoured finger grip for maximum control ■ No cervical dilation necessary in most cases ■ Each sampler sterilized, individually packaged for convenience, patient acceptance ■ Fast set-up, short procedure time ■ Numbered sounding marks for safety, precision ■ Extremely cost efficient ■ Available in small quantities from your nearby Wallach ■ Satisfaction guaranteed. Return unused Endocells in original box for full refund

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DISPOSABLE ENDOMETRIAL CELL SAMPLER DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE, CONVENIENCE AND PATIENT COMFORT Endocell's unique elastomeric seal Endocell's ridged, contoured fin- Endocell's flexible sheath permits provides strong manual suction. ger grip offers control. easy entry into the endometrial canal, better adherence to the curved canal itself. WALLACH GYNECOLOGICAL PRODUCTS Wallach is dedicated to promoting the early detection of cell abnormalities by providing instruments which can be used with confidence. Wallach Endocell and Papette dispos- ables gather cell samples for laborato- ry analysis,...

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