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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 1

Premier Products for Clinicians Treating Mom and Baby Labor and Delivery Products POC Test for Ruptured Membranes Female Sterilization C-Section Safety Scalpel Transport Mattress C-Section Retractors Comfort Belly Bands Vacuum-Assisted Delivery Systems Fetal Dopplers

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 2

Delivering on the Promise to Help Clinicians Provide Better Health Care for Women Our mission is to enable physicians to provide increasingly more efficient and effective health care for women. We leverage our expertise in identifying and developing a steady stream of exceptional products that keep Ob/Gyns and others directly involved in caring for women, at the forefront of women’s health care. An Expansive Portfolio of Trusted Brands And Services Since our founding in 1990, CooperSurgical has researched, developed and manufactured a wide range of trusted brands that have advanced the...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 3

About CooperSurgical Effective, Safe Solutions for Conception, Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery Physicians rely on CooperSurgical’s perinatal instruments throughout every stage of child birth – from conception to delivery. Our portfolio of products includes fetal Dopplers, vacuum pumps, surgical retractors, PROM tests and more. On the following pages of this catalog, you will find a wide range of high-quality instruments that will provide reliable, safe and effective results for patient and baby. This catalog is one of four catalogs that represent CooperSurgical’s products. Additional catalogs...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 4

Point-of-Care Test for Ruptured Membranes Proven to be Accurate Even in Patients with Variable Amounts of Vaginal Bleeding Up To 20% of PROM Patients Exhibit Vaginal Bleeding1 Accurate Results Within 5 Minutes Other point-of-care PROM tests are only indicated for use with trace vaginal bleeding, while Actim PROM has been proven to perform regardless of the amount of vaginal bleeding. With up to 20% of women presenting with vaginal bleeding at the time of PROM diagnosis, you need a reliable test for all patients. The Actim PROM advantages are clear: POSITIVE RESULT NEGATIVE RESULT • Multiple...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 5

POC Test for Ruptured Membranes The Science Behind Accurately Diagnosing PROM Effectively Detects the Presence of IGFBP-1 Found in Amniotic Fluid Why Blood Doesn’t Affect Actim PROM Actim PROM quickly detects the biomarker Insulin-like Growth Factor Binding Protein-1 (IGFBP-1), a protein that accumulates in very high concentrations in amniotic fluid. This 5-minute test allows you to confidently diagnose PROM, even in the presence of common contaminants such as blood, urine, semen, bath and odor products, common vaginal infections and medications.2 • The concentration of IGFBP-1 in amniotic...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 6

C-Section Safety Scalpel Let’s Make Fetal Lacerations a “Never Event” Shielded surgical blade cuts up and away from the fetus to prevent the risk of laceration. The Ideal C-Section Safety Kit: ® Pair C SAFE with the OB/Mobius C-Section Retractor to achieve maximum exposure and an unobstructed surgical field. Specially designed distal tip enables blunt entry into the lower uterine segment. Ergonomic design provides comfortable, intuitive handling, even for smaller hands Ergonomic, ridged handle ensures firm grasp under any intraoperative conditions. C SAFE - Uterine Safety Scalpel Designed...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 7

C-Section Devices C-Section Retractor Self-Retaining Elastic Retractor Improves Visibility, Safety and Speed 55% Greater Exposure Utilizing the Same Size Incision Conventional Retraction 113 cm2 Working Area OB/Mobius 176 cm2 Working Area This easy-to-use self-retaining retractor significantly enhances surgical exposure, creating significantly more working area when compared to conventional retractors. Using a simple roll-down technique, the OB/Mobius Retractor evenly distributes gentle and effective retraction in a 360° circle. Available in two sizes for C-sections, this device may minimize...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 8

Vacuum-Assisted Delivery Systems ® M-Style® Mushroom® Cup may be ideal for C-Sections, especially with an unengaged or floating head Providing Greater Control, Safety and Efficacy Self-limiting vacuum provides safe and precise control of pressure Semi-rigid MitySoft® Bell Cup reduces lacerations/scalp trauma Shorter stem enhances physician control The freely rotating stem minimizes torsion-related injuries Prominent vacuum release positioned closer to operator Ergonomic design provides comfortable, intuitive handling, even for smaller hands MityOne’s semi-rigid, shorter stem offers improved...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 9

Mystic® II MitySoft® Bell Cup Mystic II M-Style® Mushroom® Cup Mystic® II and Mityvac® For over 20 years, the Mityvac family of products has ensured safer vacuum-assisted deliveries. One-Piece Mystic II System The Mystic II is a one-piece fully disposable system that incorporates all of the Mityvac's safety and efficacy, while allowing the physician to control the device without assistance. The Original Mityvac Two-Piece System The original two-piece Mityvac system is comprised of the reusable Mityvac pump and a variety of cup options to meet every clinical challenge. 10004 Vacuum-Assisted...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 10

Minilaparotomy Applicator for C-Section (Clips shown actual size) The Filshie Tubal Ligation System offers physicians and patients the greatest versatility in female sterilization. This minimally invasive procedure can be effectively utilized in an interval laparoscopic approach or post-partum - at the time of cesarean delivery, or after vaginal birth via minilaparotomy. The Filshie Tubal Ligation System requires minimal procedure time because there is no tying, transection or cauterization of the fallopian tubes - eliminating the risk of damage to adjacent organs caused by electrocautery,...

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Labor and Delivery Products Catalog - 11

TransWarmer® Infant Transport Mattress The TransWarmer Infant Transport Mattress provides safe and reliable heat for up to two hours when cold stress is a concern. This thermostable, nontoxic gel mattress nests the infant in soothing warmth, while minimizing vibration during transport. Based on a 24 °C/75 °F start temperature, the mattress reaches a peak temperature of 40 °C/104 °F in less than 60 seconds - quickly improving the infant's admission temperature and reducing the risk of hypothermia. Features and Benefits: • Comfortable, gel-filled mattress cradles baby in therapeutic warmth •...

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