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LifeDop® - 1

LifeDop® - A Complete Family of OB Dopplers Wallach brings you the LifeDop family of Dopplers, offering superior sensitivity, high-fidelity sound, a recording option, and state-of-the-art technology. These are the finest Doppler systems we have ever designed. L150 Series - The LifeDop150 is a non-display handheld doppler with superior sound quality that accepts all non-directional LifeDop probes. Rechargeable batteries and audio recording options available on specific models. L250 Series - The LifeDop 250 is a full-featured handheld device with a large display that indicates heart rate, battery status, and signal strength. Rechargeable batteries and audio recording options are available on specific models. The LifeDop 250 accepts all LifeDop non-directional probes. L350 Series - The LifeDop 350 is a convenient tabletop doppler offering excellent sound quality with its high-fidelity speaker. It features a large heart-rate display, rechargeable batteries, and accepts all LifeDop non-directional probes. Its enhanced features make it more efficient for detecting fetal heartbeats. LifeDop Probes - Sensitive Durable, Interchangeable All LifeDop obstetrical probes have built-in electronics that provide excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability, and maximum durability. Choose the best probe for your application with the freedom to add additional probes in the future, all on the same unit. Our probes are built to last and the cable is user replaceable. 2 MHz - This wide-angle beam is optimized for deep penetration for late term pregnancy and larger patients. 3 MHz - A general purpose obstetrical probe for early fetal heartbeat detection through delivery. Wide-angle beam eases the time spent "hunting" for the heart beat. Once detected, the sound is clearer than ever. 2 MHz Waterproof- Designed for water-assisted labor and delivery applications. EchoHeart 5 MHz Transvaginal -The first transvaginal fetal Doppler probe in the world. • Determine fetal heartbeats without scheduling an additional imaging exam • Early detection, including for obese or retroverted uterus patients • Perfect for high-risk pregnancies when multiple exams are required

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LifeDop® - 2

aWALLACH brand Wallach works for you. Wallach Surgical offers industry-leading medical systems and instruments, including colposcopes, cryosurgical and electrosurgical units, digital and Doppler imaging devices, and a broad range of instruments and disposables that keep practices and hospitals running safely and smoothly. Physicians have relied on our diverse product portfolio for more than 30 years. Moving forward, we are committed to expanding into new technologies, including our acquisition of Summit Doppler and our ongoing research and development efforts. Probes - All LifeDops have...

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