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Advanced Uterine Manipulation System Delivering Superior Control and Enhanced Visualization

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The RUMI II System: The Right Choice For All Pelvic Laparoscopic Procedures ® Unparalleled Visualization and Pelvic Access The RUMI® II System is ideal for any laparoscopic pelvic surgery. As a surgeon, you will experience superior exposure and access to pelvic anatomy. The RUMI II System provides maximum flexibility through a wide range of single-use intrauterine tips specifically chosen to accommodate individual patient anatomy. Plus, the RUMI II uterine manipulator handle provides additional length while delivering a full 140 degrees of articulation at the cervix for remarkable exposure....

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The Most Versatile System For Your Needs The RUMI II System is flexible for a wide range of laparoscopic procedures. The combination of superior uterine control and minimal tissue trauma makes RUMI II ideal for diagnostic laparoscopy, myomectomy, oophorectomy, endometriosis excision, and infertility applications requiring reliable chromopertubation. Articulation: Achieve Superior Uterine Exposure and Access A full range of flexible silicone tips for an ideal fit to your patient’s anatomy The RUMI II System enables full control of the uterus in all directions, including full 90 degrees of...

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RUMI® II / Koh-Efficient™: Four Sizes to Suit Patient Anatomical Needs TLH is Easier, Faster and With The RUMI II Easy ® Koh-Efficient: Insertion Made Easy The Koh-Efficient combines the Koh Cup™ and the pneumo-occlusion balloon into one device for easy loading onto the RUMI® II handle as well as rapid and accurate clinical positioning. 2.5 cm Once the proper size Koh-Efficient is loaded onto the RUMI II handle, the uterine tip is advanced into the cervical canal. Then the tip is advanced into the uterus and the cup seats into the vaginal fornix. Once in position, full articulation at the...

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Cervical Sizer enables accurate selection of the Koh-Efficient size based upon each patient’s anatomy Safer Load Koh-Efficient Saline inflated tip provides a firm hold for superior manipulation Easy load Koh-Efficient is engineered for easier insertion Koh-Efficient provides an ideal visual landmark for dissection Cervical Sizer: The Right Cervical Measurement...Every Time Using the right size Koh-Efficient is important for enhancing the ‘margin of safety.’ With the specially-designed Cervical Sizer, measuring your patient’s cervix is simple and fast, ensuring superior delineation of the vaginal...

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ArchKoh-Efficient™: Ideally Suited for Any Patient Anatomy Advincula Arch : Simple and Strong ™ Designed with our easy load system for quicker and easier insertion 3.5 cm Traditional Uterine Manipulator Designed for Strength and Durability An alternative to the articulating RUMI II, the reusable Advincula Arch is ideal for physicians who prefer the simple and lightweight design of a disposable uterine manipulator but would like additional strength. 4.0 cm Some physicians choose the Advincula Arch because they prefer executing anteversion/ retroversion manipulation of the uterus manually or...

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Uterine Positioning System ™ UPS provides an ideal field of view, delivers constant static pressure and frees up O.R. personnel for other tasks Three hydraulic joints provide complete range of motion Provides Hands-Free Constant Static Pressure The Uterine Positioning System (UPS) creates exposure and static control of the anatomy during operative and diagnostic GYN laparoscopy. This table-mounted system is designed with three hydraulic joints to provide a full range of motion. Easily attaches to the O.R. table with large turn knobs The UPS is a must-have for long gynecologic procedures such...

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Achieve Superior Control and Ideal Visualization with the Redesigned RUMI® II System Ordering Information Product Code Uterine Manipulator Handles Advincula Arch Handle • 2 inch longer shaft for better access RUMI Tips • New tips to accommodate varying anatomy • Sacrocolpopexy and sacrocervicopexy tips • New Koh-Efficient™ for easier, faster, safer TLHs • Improved easy load of Koh Cup™ onto cervix • Cervical Sizer to ensure the right Koh-Efficient fit • Catheter management system RUMI® and RUMI II System Compatibility Sacrocervicopexy Tip Concave Distal End • RUMI tips are compatible with all...

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