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A Complete Family for Vascular Applications The Summit Doppler LifeDop family offers great sensitivity, high-fidelity sound, and the latest technology. ™ Performance, Reliability, Service L150 Series – The LifeDop®150 is a non-display handheld Doppler with superior sound quality. It features rechargeable batteries and audio recording options (available on specific models). The LifeDop 150 accepts all non-directional LifeDop probes. L250 Series – The LifeDop 250 is a full-featured handheld device with a large display that indicates heart rate and battery status. Rechargeable batteries and audio recording are available on specific models. The LifeDop 250 accepts all LifeDop non-directional probes as well as bi-directional probes. L350 Series – The LifeDop 350 is a convenient tabletop Doppler offering excellent sound quality with its high-fidelity speaker. It features a large heart rate display, rechargeable batteries, and accepts all LifeDop non-directional probes. Its enhanced features make the system more efficient for monitoring blood flow. Features include: • mproved ergonomics and overall appearance I • wo probe holders for multiple applications T • ouder audio output and user accessible batteries L • mproved stand and wall mounting I LifeDop Probes – Sensitive, Durable, Interchangeable All LifeDop vascular probes have built-in electronics that provide excellent sensitivity, complete interchangeability, and maximum durability. Choose the best probe for your application with the freedom to add more probes in the future, all on the same unit. NON-DIRECTIONAL 8 MHz – Narrow beam for optimum sensitivity on superficial vessels. Our best vascular probe for all-around use. 5 MHz – Medium beam with great penetration for deeper vessels. Works well for larger patients. 4 MHz – Wide-angle beam is optimized for quick flow location. Placed flat against the skin, the wide beam makes it easy to stay on the vessel, even when blood flow is occluded by a cuff. 8 MHz Sterilizable Probe – Used for blood flow detection in both veins and arteries. This clinically tested probe is suitable

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Probes – All of our Dopplers have interchangeable probe capabilities so you can choose the best probe for your needs Interchangeable Probes Main Units Rechargeable Batteries L150R Non-Display Doppler with Recharger L150A Non-Display Doppler with Audio Recorder L250R Display Doppler with Recharger L250AR Display Doppler with Recharger and Audio Recorder L350R Tabletop Display with Recharger and High Fidelity Speaker 4 MHz Vascular Probe Optimized for easy location of flow with broad, flat beam 5 MHz Vascular Probe Medium width beam for deep vessels 8 MHz Vascular Probe Narrow sensitive beam...

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