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Surgical Products - 1

Cervical & Endocervical Samplers Surgical Products Uterine Manipulation Devices Hysterectomy Instruments Female Sterilization Pelvic Procedure Instruments Laparoscopic Port-Site Closure Laparoscopic Instruments Laparoscopic Smoke Evacuation Laparoscopic Disposables Urology Instruments

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Surgical Products - 2

Delivering on the Promise to Help Clinicians Provide Better Health Care for Women Our mission is to enable physicians to provide increasingly more efficient and effective health care for women. We leverage our expertise in identifying and developing a steady stream of exceptional products that keep Ob/Gyns and others directly involved in caring for women, at the forefront of women’s health care. An Expansive Portfolio of Trusted Brands And Services Since our founding in 1990, CooperSurgical has researched, developed and manufactured a wide range of trusted brands that have advanced the...

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Surgical Products - 3

About CooperSurgical Industry-Leading Solutions for Laparoscopic and General Surgical Procedures CooperSurgical instruments are used every day in surgical procedures. Our growing portfolio of products includes devices for surgical site management and uterine manipulation, hysterectomy products and instruments for pelvic surgery, as well as sterilization procedures. On the following pages of this catalog, you will find a wide range of high-quality surgical instruments that will provide reliable, safe and effective results for improved patient outcomes. CooperSurgical instruments are...

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Surgical Products - 4

CooperSurgical Brands Surgical Brands At CooperSurgical, we develop and market innovative solutions for surgical procedures. Within this catalog, you will find an extensive range of instruments and devices that facilitate surgery and improve patient care. Advincu Id with Koh-EFFicient®Technology RETRACTOR SYSTEM Koh-Efficient® Smoke Evacuation System In addition to surgical instrumentation, we offer an array of high-quality instruments and medical devices, both disposable and capital equipment, that can be used in clinics, labor and delivery, and critical care. Contact your...

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Surgical Products - 5

CooperSurgical’s World Headquarters Trumbull, Connecticut, USA CooperSurgical established a new world headquarters on a three-building, 214,000 square foot campus in January of 2010. The move was designed to satisfy the need for additional manufacturing and product design space and increased staff. In addition to housing CooperSurgical’s main manufacturing facility, the complex serves as our primary distribution center. The company also has specialized manufacturing capabilities in Pasadena, CA, and Stafford, TX, as well as in Berlin and Tuttlingen, Germany, and Måløv, Denmark. “At...

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Surgical Products - 6

ALLY UPS Uterine Positioning System™ Gynecologic Laparoscopic Product Selection Gynecologic Laparosco Product Se ection ALLY UPS™ - Uterine Positioning System ALLY UPS Delineator Adapter Drape Procedure Guide Myomectomy 30 Minutes - 1.5 Hours Advincula Arch To place an order, call us at: 800.243.2974 | Visit us online at:

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Surgical Products - 7

Used For TL LH/LSH/LAVH AVH with RUMI II Used For TL LH/LSH/LAVH AVH with Advinc Arch cula Sacrocolpopexy Tips Sacrocolpopexy L S l Large Sacr rocolpopexy Small Sacrocervicopexy Tips y Sac crocervicopexy Hoyte Sacrocervicopexy Tips Large Disposable Manipulator With Integrated Koh-Efficient Used For Va aginal Prolapse Repair Without Cervix hout Used For Va aginal Prolapse Repair With Cervix h Used For Va aginal Prolapse Repair Without Cervix hout Used For Va aginal Prolapse Repair With Cervix h ALLY Uterine Positioning System™ Hoyte Sacrocolp popexy Tips Gynecologic Laparoscopic Product...

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Surgical Products - 8

Uterine Positioning/ Manipulation Devices ALLY Uterine Positioning System Static Control of Anatomy During Gynecologic Laparoscopic Procedures ALLY Uterine Positioning System™ Number Description AU-UPS ALLY Uterine Positioning System AU-CART ALLY Uterine Positioning System Cart AU-AD Adapter Drape for RUMI II and Advincula Arc AU-AD-DLNTR Adapter Drape for Advincula Delineator UMH650 RUMI II Uterine Manipulator UMH750 Advincula Arch Uterine Manipulator ALLY Uterine Positioning System Cart • This unique cart is designed to bring the ALLY UPS directly to the OR table •...

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Surgical Products - 9

Advincula DELINEATOR with Koh-Efficient® Technology Unprecedented Ease of Use, Safety And Strength for TLH, LSH and LAVH -In an Efficient Disposable Design Advincula Delineator™ with Ultem Koh-Efficient® Number Description AD750-KE30 Advincula Delineator 3.0CM Ultem Plastic cup (3 per box) Uterine Manipulation Devices ALLY Uterine Positioning System™ | Advincula Delineator™ The Advincula Delineator™ is designed for ease of use, safety and maximum efficiency. AD750-KE35 Advincula Delineator 3.5CM Ultem Plastic cup (3 per box) AD750-KE40 Advincula Delineator 4.0CM Ultem Plastic...

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Surgical Products - 10

Uterine Manipulation Devices Enhanced Visualization and Control for Pelvic Laparoscopic Procedures Unique locking handle allows total control of uterine position Soft distal end of tip and silicone balloon provide less traumatic insertion The RUMI® II System Products The RUMI II System provides highly effective, safer uterine manipulation for any laparoscopic or robotic pelvic surgery. Surgeons will experience superior exposure and control of the uterus, and greater access to pelvic anatomy. The RUMI II reusable manipulator handle features a 2-inch longer shaft than the original RUMI, and...

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Surgical Products - 11

The Koh-Effident system combines the Koh Cup™ and pneumo-occlusion balloon into one device. The system loads easily onto the RUMI II for rapid and accurate clinical positioning. Koh-Effident creates a margin of safety by providing a visual landmark and backstop for full circumferential colpotomy, as well as distancing the ureters during the incision. Once in position, the Koh-Effident allows for full articulation at the cervix. This sterile, single-use device is available in four sizes, as fit to the cervix is important for the margin of safety. Number Description CPO-6 Colpo-Pneumo...

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