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Highly Accurate Doppler Vista AVS™ Wallach Summit Vista AVS and ABI Systems Offer EaseUp Use and Vista ABI Performs of to Four Exams for Optimum Optimum Versatility Performs up to Four Exams for Flexibility Vista Series Dopplers offer more modalities for quickly obtaining the Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) and aiding in the detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease Feature-Rich ABI Vascular Assessment Systems (P.A.D.). The Vista AVS system performs segmental exams, to help locate blockages or narrowing in the vessels after initial single-level ABI testing. that Satisfy Reimbursement The Vista systems feature: more modalities for quickly obtaining the Ankle Vista Series Dopplers offer Brachial Index (ABI) and diagnosing PAD. The Vista ABI system allows you • Fast, automatic cuff inflation/deflation and highly accurate ABI calculations to introduce ABI exams into your practice today, and add functionality later. • Graphic waveform display with easy to follow testpractice, then the Vista If performing segmental exams is important to your sequences AVS, including PPG probe, MHz ideal choice. The Vista systems feature: • ensitive bi-directional 8 is the Doppler probe for surface vessels or S optional 5 MHz probe for deeper vessels highly accurate ABI calculations • Fast, automatic cuff inflation / deflation and(Bi-directional probes are capable of obtaining waveforms) • Graphic waveform display with simple step-by-step instructions • btains dual-ankle pressures at Posterior Tibial (PT) and O • ensitivePedis (DP) arteries Doppler probe for surface vessels, or S Dorsalis bi-directional 8MHz optional 5MHz probe for deeper vessels • ulse volume recording (PVR) can be used to obtain peripheral P arterial waveforms with blood pressure cuffs • Pulse volume recording (PVR) for patients with noncompressible arteries • PG probe standard for performing segmental exams on the Vista AVS, standard for performing TBI exams on patients with P non-compressible arteries optional on the Vista ABI as well as at the toe site for segmental studies • oftware for reporting, annotating, storage, printing, and interfacing with S EMR interface for reporting, storage and downloading (optional feature EMR (optional feature on the Vista ABI) on the Vista ABI) VistaVista System: Performs single-levelof 4 exams: ABI, seated ABI,to add PPG The ABI AVS system performs a total ABI exams with the option Toe probe for TBI and comes with 4 blood pressure cuffs ((2) 10 cm andis 12 cm). Brachial Index (TBI) and segmental exams. An optional cuff selector (2) designed System: Next-level system performs a total of four perform Vista AVS to make segmental pressure measurements easy to exam types, with up to 10 cuff connections available at the same time. including single-level ABI, seated ABI, TBI, and Segmental exams and comes with 9 blood pressure cuffs ((2) 10 cm, (4) 12 cm, (2) 17 cm, a

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Display Screen SummitD^ppler" ’ ■* > -T* m Vista AVS ITEM # DESCRIPTION L500VA A Full-featured ABI/Vascular System A L450VA Vista ABI System A L450SF PC Download Software K280 Case for Vista AVS/ABI, Vantage ABI K180 Adhesive Backed Label Paper (5 Rolls) K185 Label Paper (5 Rolls) A Available for Sale Where CE Mark is Required WAlUICHr Wallach Surgical Devices 95 Corporate Drive Trumbull, CT 06611 U.S.A. 1.800.243.2463 © Wallach Surgical Devices 82493 Rev. 4/14

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