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Wallach Product Catalog - 2

PUT WALLACH TO WORK IN YOUR PRACTICE Our company designs innovative medical technologies that ensure effective treatment and improved outcomes for patients undergoing a wide range of medical procedures. Wallach works for: • Gynecologists • Obstetricians • Infertility specialists • Ophthalmologists • Dermatologists • General practitioners • And more Trusted by physicians for more than 30 years, Wallach products are engineered to provide enhanced safety, reliability, and performance. From our industry-leading colposcopes and cryosurgical systems, to stainless steel instruments, disposables,...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 3

Multi-Step Magnication Col poscopes – Better Visualization, Versatility, and Stability WALLACH’S TRIPLE MAGNIFICATION COLPOSCOPES OFFER HIGH RESOLUTION STEREOSCOPIC OPTICAL VIEWING AND A RANGE OF OPTIONS TriScope™ with Trulight™ – Overhead Suspension Arm for Full Range of Motion TriStar™ with Trulight™ – Compact Unit for Space and Budget Conscious The TriScope colposcope offers enhanced stability and the full range of motion needed to complete exams and perform related biopsies and surgery. With xed triple magnication, TriScope offers a direct view optical pathway to detect even subtle...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 4

Wallach Zoom Magnication Colposcopes ALL WITH CONTINUOUSLY VARIABLE NIKON 4.5 – 20X ZOOM, TRULIGHT LED WITH 20,000+ HOURS OF PURE WHITE LIGHTING, AND AN INDUSTRY LEADING 7 YEAR WARRANTY ZoomScope™ with Trulight™ – Ergonomic Overhead Suspension Arm for Optimal Viewing ZoomStar™ with Trulight™ – Same Quality Optics on a Compact Mobile Stand Our premier colposcope offers unobstructed access to the examination site, allowing for optimal viewing. ZoomStar offers the same quality optics and features as ZoomScope on an exclusive compact center stand with a spring loaded main shaft for gross height...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 5

Cryosurgical Systems – Fast, Precision Freeze and Thaw Control OUR ONE- AND TWO-TRIGGER SYSTEMS PROVIDE PRECISE CONTROL AND A LARGE SELECTION OF HIGHLY CONDUCTIVE, REUSABLE CRYOTIPS AND DISPOSABLE PLASTIC SHIELDS ARE AVAILABLE LL100™ System (N2O) Two-Trigger Design and Twice the Freeze Power of Other Systems Wallach’s exclusive two-trigger cryosurgical system delivers fast and precise freeze/defrost control and allows cryotips to be changed at any time without venting. WA1000B™ Cryo Console System Uses LL100™ two-trigger or LLCO2™ single-trigger freezers • High performance features and...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 6

Wallach’s Safe, Convenient, and Affordable Electrosurgical System Quantum 2000™ Electrosurgical System with Biovac™ Smoke Evacuator and Integration Unit Wallach’s exclusive technology constantly and accurately monitors power levels for smoother, drag free cuts. Minimal thermal damage allows a superior histological specimen for pathology. Post excision, the coagulation mode supplies powerful spray fulguration that can effectively seal bleeders. • Automatically and instantly activates the Biovac Disposable, Extra-Rigid Loop and Ball Electrodes (ER series) Meet a Wide Variety of Needs •...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 7

Electrosurgical System Accessories for Wallach’s Quantum 2000 and Other Comparable Products For use with Quantum 2000™ and other compatible electrosurgical generators. Sterile and single use only. Convenient cut and coag push buttons. ITEM NUMBER DESCRIPTION 909089 Hand Switch Operated Pencils, Sterile (25 pack) Disposable Patient Split Grounding Pads (with Connector) For use with Quantum 2000™, these pads offer extra patient safety by signaling the system to shut down if the patient is not in complete contact with the pad. Ferric Subsulfate Aqueous Solution Make postoperative bleeding...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 8

A Full Line of Coated and Unc oated Specula WALLACH OFFERS A COMPLETE SELECTION OF COATED AND UNCOATED SPECULA, INCLUDING GRAVES, PEDERSON, AND VIEW-MORE, AS WELL AS ENDOCERVICAL SPECULA AND RETRACTORS COATED SPECULA Graves, Weisman-Graves, View-More, and View-Maxi Graves Specula Standard Graves speculum features a guide for disposable smoke tubes for easy cleaning of the speculum. Nonconductive coating for added safety. ITEM NUMBER 903017 903018 DESCRIPTION LLETZ Graves Speculum – Medium w/DSE Guide LLETZ Graves Speculum – Large w/DSE Guide Pederson Specula Widely used by physicians, this...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 9

Coated Specula and GY N Instruments PRECISION COATED INSTRUMENTS HELP TO ENSURE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE LEEP PROCEDURES Ultimate Reusable Speculum Nonconductive for use during electrosurgery, this lightweight, smooth, reusable speculum is made from a specialized polymer for ultimate patient comfort. Fully autoclavable and easily sterilized. ITEM NUMBER 909100 DESCRIPTION Ultimate Reusable Speculum Gyn Hook Our most popular hook. Sharp and strong for maximum grip. ITEM NUMBER 907020 LEEP Campion Forceps (Length: 22cm) Designed as an angled forceps for better visualization of tissue being removed...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 10

Uncoated Precision German Stainless Steel Instruments HIGH QUALITY GERMAN ENGINEERING FROM A NAME YOU CAN TRUST UNCOATED SPECULA Graves Specula Traditional design with slightly wider blades. ITEM NUMBER 903001 903002 903003 903004 DESCRIPTION Graves Speculum – Small Graves Speculum – Medium Graves Speculum – Large Graves Speculum – Ex-Large Moore-Graves Speculum Unique speculum featuring short blades with the same width as a medium Graves. 903005 Moore-Graves Speculum Pederson Specula Contoured and shaped to t into the yoke of a standard speculum, the retractor expands beyond the width of...

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Wallach Product Catalog - 11

Biopsy Instruments HANDCRAFTED STAINLESS STEEL INSTRUMENTS FOR ACCURATE TISSUE SAMPLING WITH MINIMAL TRAUMA BIOPSY PUNCHES Large rectangular bite with upper and lower teeth for maximum sample. ITEM NUMBER 907028 907056 DESCRIPTION Tischler-Kevorkian (9.3mm x 3mm) (20cm) Tischler-Kevorkian Punch (25cm) Narrow jaw with additional teeth on the bottom jaw to improve grasping ability and prevent slippage. 907029 907057 Kevorkian-Pacic (8mm x 3mm) (20cm) Kevorkian-Pacic Punch (25cm) Large bite to assure adequate sample for histological examination. 907030 Small bite size to facilitate sampling of...

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