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XRT4000 Adjustable Height X-ray Trolley OPERATORS MANUAL

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Introduction Thank you for purchasing the XRT4000 X-ray trolley. This product is manufactured and tested to the highest standards and can carry a safe patient weight of 220Kg / approximately 485lbs / 35 stone. Our products are manufactured by Wardray Premise Ltd to BS EN ISO 13485:2016 and are CE marked. Manufacturing address: Wardray Premise Limited, Northern Regional Office, Unit 2, Springvale Works, Elland Road, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 2RN, UK To ensure that you obtain maximum benefit from your product, please take a few minutes to read the enclosed information regarding...

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Specification Wardray Premise Limited has developed a Multi Imaging table for use in the Accident & Emergency and CT / X-ray departments, built from lightweight material but designed to withstand the rigours of the Accident & Emergency department. Thus minimising the transference of patients. The table can accommodate both conventional cassettes and new digital technology, including C-Arm. The table is manoeuvred on four 200mm (8”) anti-static castors, these can be locked from both ends of the table by means of a foot lever, the lever also controls the directional lock, this locks a single...

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Operating Instructions HANDSET Table Raise Table Lower Head End Raise Head End Lower Foot End Raise Foot End Lower Reverse Trendelenberg Trendelenberg Battery Indicator Light Press and hold down button for table top to rise. The table top will stop when maximum height is reached (1010mm). Press and hold down for table top to lower. The table top will stop when minimum height is reached (710mm). Press and hold down button for Head end to rise, release to stop. Press and hold down button for Head end to lower, release to stop. Press and hold down button for Foot end to rise, release to stop....

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Press and hold down for Reverse Trendelenberg, the head end will rise and the foot end will lower, release to stop. Press and hold down for Trendelenberg, the Head end will lower and the foot end will rise, release to stop The battery indicator light indicate the following when any button is pressed. GREEN Fully Charged Semi Charged CAUTION Please be aware of damage to people or property as the result of incorrect operation. Before pressing a button on the handset ensure you press the right button. Check the flexible cable regularly for damage Trolley in raised position Trolley in Lowered...

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Operating Instructions Trolley in Reverse Trendelenberg BACKREST Backrest Support This trolley has a manual backrest. To raise the backrest place your hand at the end of the backrest and lift, positioning backrest support into one of the 6 set heights (Fig 1). To lower the backrest hold the backrest board from the underside and raise until the backrest support can swing freely, pull the backrest support towards the rear of the trolley and lower the board. Fig 1 When moving the backrest into its flat/horizontal position, ensure nothing can become trapped between the framework and the...

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XRT4000 - 7

Operating Instructions BUCKY SHELF The Bucky Shelf is located directly below the trolley top, offering access to the full body length of the patient. The Bucky Shelf can be accessed from both sides of the trolley. The Bucky Slide can accommodate both conventional cassettes and digital imaging pallets. The Bucky Shelf can be removed easily by unscrewing and removing the securing knobs on both sides of the trolley. Bucky Shelf Securing Knob

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Operating Instructions CENTRAL LOCKING CASTORS The trolley is fitted with four 200mm Anti Static Castors, these are controlled via the foot bars at each end of the trolley. At the head end the foot bar can select either braked or free spinning as per Fig 1. At the foot end the foot bar can select either braked, free spinning or directional lock, as per Fig 2 When braking is required push the lever with the foot until the brakes are applied. When full swivel is required, lift the lever with the foot, until pedal is level, this will allow the trolley to move in any direction. When directional...

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Operating Instructions COT SIDES Fig 1 The trolley is fitted with raise and lower cot sides (Fig 1) these protect the patient during transportation to and from the ward. The cot sides should not be used to steer/ push the trolley. Depending on the design of the trolley, it will be fitted with one or other of the plungers indicated below; Standard Plunger (Fig 2) or Flag Plunger (Fig 4) To operate the Standard Plunger: To lower the cot sides, pull the black plunger to disengage (Fig 3) and lower that cot side end until it stops*. Standard Plunger Engaged Fig 2 Flag Plunger Engaged Fig 4...

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XRT4000 - 10

Operating Instructions THE BATTERY The trolley is supplied with two 24V DC Batteries, one of which is fitted to the trolley, and one which is for connection to the wall mounted charging station supplied. It is recommended that the spare battery is kept on the charger unit in readiness for use, this does not limit the life of the batteries. CHANGING THE BATTERY When the battery requires changing (see page 5, point 9) follow the following steps. Kneel down at the base Of the trolley and take Hold of the battery handle Do not over reach as this could cause injury Pull battery towards you Until...

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Maintenance Cleaning This product should be washed with a disposable cloth wrung out in a solution of warm water and detergent. The product should be rinsed with warm water and dried thoroughly with paper towels. If required the product can be washed down with hand hot sodium hypochlorite solution up to 1% or 10000 parts per million chlorine combined with a detergent. Alternatively, follow your local guidelines or instructions. If any of the above give cause for concern, please contact your Wardray Premise service provider. Documentation is available upon request.

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Maintenance It is strongly recommended that the following checks be carried out on a weekly basis by hospital personnel to ensure trouble free operation of the trolley.  Check the table top for cracks or other obvious signs of damage or contamination. Report any damage found. Check mattress and corner buffers for any signs of damage or contamination, report damage or clean where necessary with a mild soap and water. Check castors for free movement and locking, check for and remove any debris that may have become caught in the brake and around the axle. This is a common occurrence and can...

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