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CHARTMASTER Multi-Purpose Data Acquisition and Control Software HEKA provides the finest instruments today to achieve the needed progress of tomorrow… 1

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CHARTMASTER Multi-Purpose Data Acquisition and Control Software The CHARTMASTER software was designed with the main objective to streamline data collection, presentation and analysis during and after an experiment. CHARTMASTER provides all of the necessary software tools that make experimental design and analysis more flexible. With CHARTMASTERs high degree of automation, experimental protocols are now possible that were unattainable with other commercial software products. CHARTMASTERs versatile design allows it to be used for any general purpose data acquisition need. In addition,...

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Electrophysiology Protocol Editor The CHARTMASTER protocol editor is a powerful feature in which complex experimental procedures can be designed, stored, and executed. This tool greatly increases the versatility of CHARTMASTER that will be appreciated by researchers asking for complex, preciselytimed experimental protocols. The principal idea of the protocol editor is to generate a list of events or tasks which can be executed automatically. Various functions such as REPEAT Loops, input queries, or conditional statements allow the generation of complex interactive processes. In addition,...

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CHARTMASTER Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Control Software Technical Specifications Data Acquisition • Up to sixteen input channels • Episodic and continuous acquisition mode • Automatic data compression (different sample rates for different channels) • Virtual trace for mathematical online processing of acquired channels • A break condition which can terminate all ongoing acquisition can be defined for each acquisition channel • Selectable data format for storage (INTEGER, REAL, LONGREAL) Waveform Generation • Up to sixteen waveform output channels • An output waveform can be...

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Electrophysiology Technical Specifications Data Integrity • Acquired data are organized and stored in a data tree format. Multiple data acquisition runs can be stored in a single data file organized in levels of Groups / Experiments / Series / Sweeps and Traces. This allows easy review, selection and analysis of all the acquired data stored in the data file. • CHARTMASTER’s extensive software control provides a thorough set of parameters, describing the state of the recording conditions, to be stored along with the data. This allows detailed reconstruction of the experiment for exact...

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HEKA Elektronik Dr. Schulze GmbH Wiesenstraße 71 D-67466 Lambrecht/Pfalz Germany Phone Fax Web Site Email HEKA Electronics Incorporated 47 Keddy Bridge Road R.R. #2 Mahone Bay, NS B0J 2E0 Canada Phone Fax Web Site Email HEKA Instruments Inc. 2128 Bellmore Avenue Bellmore, New York 11710-5606 USA Phone Fax Web Site Email General notice: Product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. HEKA disclaims any and all rights in those marks. We reserve the right to effect technical changes as development progresses. Special versions are...

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