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specialized tools for Electrophysiology & Cell Biology Research Planar Lipid Bilayer Micromanipulators Ussing/Diffusion Systems Live Cell Imaging Chambers HARVARD APPARATUS Temperature Control Systems BIX Electroporation/Transfection A Harvard Apparatus Company Electrophysiology & Cell Biology Research Call to receive other catalogs of interest Animal, Organ & Cell Physiology Behavioral Research Harvard Apparatus Pumps Electroporation & Electrofusion Molecular Sample Preparation

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Dear Researcher: Warner Instruments is proud to introduce our new Electrophysiology & Cell Biology Catalog. This catalog contains many new products for cell imaging, biosensing, microinjection, and electrophysiology. NEW Products Featured Include: • PLI-100A Picoliter Microinjector - With three positive and two negative pressure capabilities, the versatile PLI-100A is capable of large injections into capillaries or small injections into mammalian nuclei. • BioStat Multi-channel Potentiostat - The BioStat is a software-driven, multi-mode potentiostat that can be used for measurement of pH,...

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CL-200 Dual Channel Bipolar Temperature Controller, p. 111 W RC-49FS Perfusion Chamber with Field Stimulation, p. 54 BioStat Multi-channel Potentiostat, p. 372 Compact Motorized Micromanipulator, p. 297 ProgRes® Microscope Cameras, p. 344 See more products on our £ l New Zoom Stereo

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warner instruments Table of Contents Chamber Section Perfusion/Microfluidics Section Temperature Control Section Micro-Incubation Section Okolab Microscope Incubators Electrophysiology Equipment Section Cell Biology Section

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warner instruments Micro-Incubation Heated Culture Dish Platforms for 35 and 50 mm Dishes, Heated Platform for Chambered Slides, CO2 Microscope Cage and Stage Incubators, Glass Bottom Cell Culture Dishes, Brain Slice Chamber System Electrophysiology Equipment Patch Clamp Equipment, Bilayer Workstation, Oocyte Clamps, Amplifiers, Low Pass Filters, Neurolog™ System, Ussing/Diffusion, Stimulators Cell Biology Tools Biosensing Section Microinjection, Micropositioning, Tissue Sampling, Microelectrode Holders, Capillary Glass, Pipette Pullers Electroporation Section Warner Model Index Biosensing...

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customer information Technical Support, Ordering, Payment, Delivery, Terms and Conditions Technical Support & Domestic Orders* Warner Instruments 1125 Dixwell Avenue Hamden, CT 06514 USA phone Domestic Orders* Harvard Apparatus 84 October Hill Road Holliston, MA 01746-1388 USA phone * See inside back cover for distributors outside of the United States. Payment Options Purchase Order Terms are net 30 for customers with pre-approved credit. Credit Card Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted. Prepayment To prepay, send check or money order with your purchase order. Call...

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Overview of Imaging Systems 6 - 7 Chamber Cross Reference Chart 8 - 9 Warner Heating Overview 10 -11 RC Series Chambers - Legacy Design 14 -15 Series 30 Chambers Confocal Imaging Chambers, RC-30, RC-30HV & RC-30WA41-43 Low Profile, Parallel Plate Flow Chamber, RC-31 44 CV-30 CytoViva™ Environmental Chamber 45 Culture Dish Inserts 46 - 49 Series 40 Chambers Quick Change Coverslip Bottom Imaging Chambers 50 Low Profile Chambers, RC-10, RC-11, RC-13 & RC1-1651 High Profile and Closed Bath Chambers, RC-40-HP & RC-43C52 Slotted Bath Low Profile Chambers, RC-46SLP, RC-46SNLP & RC-47FSLP53...

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Imaging and Recording Chambers Series 40 imaging and recording chambers page 50 Stage Adapters page 64 Inline solution heater and coolers page 7 77 Typical, complete package ---S-' for use with 35 mm culture dishes and Warner quick change chambers includes chamber, temperature control, Inline solution heater and stage adapter ■ Model Product Temperature Controllers page 108 © RC-40LP Quick Change Chamber 25 mm Low Profile © QE-1 Quick Exchange Heated Base [O SA-NIK Stage Adapter for 108 mm stage insert © CC-28 Cable Assembly for Heater Platforms © TC-344B Dual Channel Heater Controller ©...

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an integrated systems approach Perfusion Systems, page 89 systems approach Objective Warmers, page 122 Spill Sensors, page 105 Warner Instruments • Phone (203) 776-0664 • Toll Free U.S. (800) 599-4203 • Fax (203) 776-1278 • www.warneronline.c

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open closed small medium large patch tissue oocyte epithelial special micro- 35 mm 50 mm field upright bath bath volume volume volume studies or slice studies orussing design incubation culture culture stimulation microscopy (<100|tl) (> 300|tl) studies studies chamber dish dish

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chamber heating Heating of Warner Imaging and Recording Chambers Application Fundamentals Chambers chamber heating Researchers have long understood the importance of temperature regulation in the study of cellular function. For example, a recent PubMed search using the keywords “temperature” and “cell” produced over 29,000 references since 1995, most addressing the effect of temperature on the biophysical and metabolic function of cells. In addition, the performance of imaging system optics is exquisitely sensitive to variations in temperature as revealed by a shifting focal plane as the...

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chamber heating Heating of Warner Imaging and Recording Chambers Methodology In-line Solution Heating The simplest and most direct approach for the application of heat to a sample is to preheat the solution immediately prior to its delivery to the chamber. The warmed perfusate washes over the sample and maintains a uniform temperature at the sample, even with variable flow rates. This method works well as long as solution continues to flow through the heater into the chamber. A number of considerations are important when using this approach. First, it is important to minimize the distance...

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oocyte chambers Oocyte Recording Chamber Chambers A simple, low cost oocyte perfusion chamber RC-1Z oocyte chambers Agar Bridge Well Suction Tube Perfusion Inlet Suction Reservoir Oocyte Wells • Specially designed for oocyte studies • Unique slotted bath • Dimpled bottom aids oocyte impalement The RC-1Z chamber features a unique slot-shaped bath for applications requiring rapid perfusion. Specifications Material Chamber Floor Insert The chamber is constructed using a two-piece design. The top piece forms the chamber body and contains a solution aspiration reservoir. An agar bridge well with...

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