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Making vehicles special Powerful, Solid, Flexible: The New Crafter WAS 500.

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The New Crafter WAS 500: Strong Performance of Base Vehicle and of Box Body Conversion. The new Volkswagen Crafter WAS 500 RTW presents both new and approved WAS conversion standards based on an ultramodern VW Crafter. Different versions of weight classes, motors, manual and automatic gear and chassis facilitate the adaptation of the base vehicle to the most special requirements. One remarkable feature is the new integrated WAS Design warning light bar which – for the time being – is available for the VW Crafter only. The improved visibility from the front and from the side lays the...

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The New Crafter WAS 500: Future-Orientated Light Bar Design for More Safety. Not only the performance and equipment of the base v ehicle can be configured individually. The WAS box body facilitates a lot of professional details, too. It is typical and normal for WAS to adapt all components as furniture e lements, modern technical instruments up to the heating and air conditioning system to the individual requirements of the customer. The increasing noise reduction inside modern vehicles has the consequence that it becomes more difficult for road users to recognise rescue vehicles. The new...

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The New Crafter WAS 500: Equipped with WAS Assist Systems for a Maximal Comfort. WAS Smart Check, the equipment check system with RFID, helps rescuers considerably in preparing the equipment for their rescue operations within very short time. With this independent system, suitable for all types of ambulances, the medical consumables and medical equipment is checked in a few minutes. The mobile version, Smart Check mobile, can control the equipment everywhere and anytime. This procedure closes the gap between the 100 % control before a rescue operation and the device status during the...

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